Altoholic’s guide to the bank alt

I am an altoholic. Which means I play on several servers. Which means, I am starting over a lot. I come up with crazy ideas like Matthew Rossi’s idea to roll a server full of warriors. I even did it (but only leveled 2 of them to level 5 or so). I have an all rogue guild in mind if ever we get the character restriction lifted per server.

One thing I have learned over my years of playing WoW is that the “bank toon” is an art form. You can actually have a casual bank toon or a hardcore one. I’m serious. The casual one is obvious. Just roll a toon and scamper them off to the big city. Boom. Now you have 28 slots free. You can outfit your bank with more bags and get into some serious collecting. You also have a toon to bounce mail back and forth as well.

The hard core bank alt at a minimum will have an outfit. It may even be a higher level (some debate about it being a higher level to avoid someone taking it’s name-but since you will be using it daily- it shouldn’t matter) to take advantage of mobility. It also may have it’s own guild for more storage. Lastly, the hard core bank alt might be leveled for professions. But wait you say- if you level it up, is it still a bank alt? Of course. It’s a hard core bank alt!

The rules:

The bank alt must be sexy. Even if you just want a casual bank alt- why not make them as good looking as they can be? After all, you will see this toon a lot! Choose a race and customize it to look good! Does this mean you won’t be rolling a forsaken? Not really, you can make any toon look nice. Some just take more effort.

The bank alt must be mobile. I like to level my bank alts up. It doesn’t take all that long now to get a character to level 20. I just made a shaman bank alt and will probably level it up at least to 34 so it will get astral recall. Basically, a second hearth. My preference for bank alts is the mage- this way you can level it to 24 and have teleports to the four main towns in your faction. Certain classes also have movement perks (talented or learned) or travel forms (druid and shaman) so if you don’t want to go all the way to level to, you can get a travel form and stop sooner.

The bank alt must be efficient. This means parking it in a city with the shortest distance between the bank and the auction house. There really are many options here. Orgrimmar isn’t terrible, neither is Undercity. I find Thunder Bluff to be nice even with it’s 1 mailbox. Stormwind and Ironforge have very close set ups. Exodar and Silvermoon are options if you like less people to navigate but are a little longer to go from point A to B. We’re talking about seconds here, so unless you have a goblin (time is money friend) you should be okay. I have noticed a resurgence in Shattrath since they put an auction house in there. You don’t see many bank toons, at least not the level 1-2 variety. You either need to level it up or have someone port you there.

The advanced bank alt will be leveled up and help you out with a profession or two. Alchemy is nice for it’s transmutes. I also like mining for it’s smelting ability. If you have mining on your main though, it’s a little bit of overkill I suppose (I am guilty of having multiple miners). One thing that isn’t bad about leveling your bank alt is all that fee gold. You will make a mint off questing alone, not to mention vendoring quest items and getting drops. If you happen to level a gathering profession, you will have that to sell as well.

The bank alt will be crafty. I mentioned I like smelting on my bank alt. Sometimes you can make a good amount of gold by simply smelting ore into bars and posting it. Now, I am not making a gold making guide, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Buying certain crafting plans/designs can net you some really nice quick gold. Whether it is a design for a wedding dress or plans for a necessary leveling item, you can pick these up from a vendor and list them for much more than you paid. Think of it as providing a convenience service 😉 I usually pick things up in my travels. I’m not telling you- you have to figure out that part!

Lastly, the bank alt must be opposite gender of what your main is. Unless you play with an addon that shows you what gear looks like on any model (I think there is one but I hate addons). This is kind of tricky because shorter toons have less space to showcase gear and certain races don’t show boots well (or at all). Seeing what the gear looks like is important for transmog and thus selling it. It may be more efficient to just go with an addon to view the model or an AH addon that will simply tell you what the item is going for on your server. I like to do things the old fashioned way (which probably breaks my rule of efficiency).

Overall, your bank alt should be a little fun too. Vanity items, outfits, custom guild names all contribute to your bank alts flair and style. You can be as plain or intricate as you want, just remember though, it’s a game. Take some time out and mess around now and then too!

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  3. mrandmrswow says:

    I totally have a extremely sexy bank alt (who is also my only male). He’s still level 1, without professions or anything, but he rocks. See more here:

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