Community Blog Topic: What’s wrong with WoW?

First of all, we would have to define what “wrong” is? I think this is the most subjective part. Is it something that is broken? Is it something that just doesn’t work for you? I think people are quick to say X or Y is wrong/broken without giving it much of a try. I think this is part of the “wrong”. It’s also a double edged blade. What is wrong with WoW is also much of what is right/good. The playerbase itself.

The playerbase: Probably the most volatile of the ingredients. My best and worst memories of playing Warcraft has involved an actual person. Whether it was my buddy who got me into WoW, people I have met along the way or the dredge who chose to type in various chat channels and spew their nonsense. Well dude, just /leave 2 /leave 1. Sure, you could do that. I already keep trade tabbed and go to it sparingly. It’s a catch 22 for me. I like information. I like interaction with my fellow players. I’m stubborn though. I do at times leave chat channels when the obnoxiousness runs over. Like for instance launch night. Especially with the multiple message bug. People would type something and it would be copied 2-6 times. Yeah that wasn’t fun.

I’m not even going to touch on the LFR/LFG part of it. That’s enough talk for an entire blog entry. I do like the direction Blizzard is going as far as the loot aspect of it. Hoping they continue it- making loot something you don’t get per boss but get at the end of the run. I think this would keep groups together any MAYBE- just maybe- keep people from being complete d-bags if they know they have to behave the whole time.

Mechanics: There are so many mechanics in WoW from loot rolls to dailies resetting. I suppose you could even throw CRZ into the mix for mechanics. Spells and how your class works? That’s another form of mechanics. So there are many aspects that people can love/hate enough to keep them going or make them want to leave.

The grind: There are a lot of “grinds” in Warcraft. Reputation grinds are probably on the top of peoples lists. Each expac we get X more reps. Then during the lifecycle of the expac we usually get more on top of those. My only real problem with the reputation part is I wished they let us do some of them on the way to the level cap. Especially how they were shoehorning us into “playing one toon” for the first half of Mists. Since I play multiple toons, I have to get reps with certain factions for profession patterns. I would love nothing else but to “designate” certain alts to go for certain factions. Yeah, it’s a little easier with rep commendations but seriously- who would it be hurting if rep was shared?

“Forced play”: (say that 5 times really fast!) There are many areas where it seems like Blizzard wants to force us into doing things their way. Yes, it is their game and yes they have a good idea what is better or worse for their game- most of the time. I’m going to try and not make this a CRZ issue. So leaving that out, there are still many things from PvP in your PvE (or vice versa) to being forced to be “grounded” until max level. I like having options. I like being able to do quests strong or on the “sneak”. If I am on my paladin or deathknight, it’s strong. If I am on my rogue, druid or mage- a little more tact might be in play.

Ultimately it comes down to fun. When you start to feel you are compromising too much as a player/consumer then your time no longer feels justified spent on the product. Right now for me I feel there is more good going on than bad. Some of the bad really pisses me off at times. Being an altoholic, I can change toons at the drop of a hat. Heck even change servers. I love rolling new toons just to see what it’s like playing any given class from the beginning again.

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