Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite class and spec?

Ah, the dilemma: Favorite class and spec. Well, I have lots of favorite specs but for an altoholic, choosing a class is like going to a buffet and eating a salad. It can’t be done!

First, I would have to be forced into one class. Yep. That is the only way you could get me to do it. <.< So, you are forcing me into one class for this article eh? Darn you!

It’s a tough call. (right now this is me twisting in my chair–my brain is literally spinning, calculating, and in the end…) I would have to go with…gah! Why??


Idonije. Paladin alt #2.

My generic answer would be the Paladin because he can play all three roles. But I haven’t touched ret since Wrath. Sure I switched in Cata to see what it was like. That probably lasted a day or two max. It’s Protection all day every day. I have a holy offspec (Batman!) and collect heals gear but you really, really don’t want me healing. Unless you are just that desperate.


Axxeus. Paladin alt #1.

So, I clearly can’t chose the paladin. That would leave the hunter or mage. I’ll admit, the hunter is really fun. Who doesn’t love to pew pew? We have pets, lots of pets. We just got buffed up to 50 pets in our stables now. 50!! But mage portals! Porting yourself and sometimes your friends all over Azeroth? Yeah. It’s that cool! Plus there is sheeping. Or penguining or really any of the polymorph choices. They are all excellent.

I can’t decide! It would probably be the mage. I know, let’s flip a coin!

Heads it’s a hunter,


SpaceBard. Hunter alt ???? He’s not really a hunter. Shhh….

tails it’s a mage!


Supermon! Mage alt #2-ish #3 if you count my bank mage 😉 It gets confusing!

As always, comments are always welcome. So what’s your favorite class and spec?

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3 Responses to Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite class and spec?

  1. mrandmrswow says:

    Meh, no idea… too much choice! I only play classes I enjoy, so Frost Mage, Resto Shammy, Holy Priest, WW Monk… quite enjoying my Rogue twink atm too 😉 I always come back to my mage though, so I’d probably have to choose her!

  2. mrandmrswow says:

    oO and my hunter! How could I forget her?!

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