Imagine: “Doppelgänger” as a new race

As I was reading todays “WoW Insider” Breakfast topic, someone was calling for Murloc Warlocks. Then it hit me: Yeah–why not? I’ll take it a step or two further. Why not a race of race changers? Why not ‘doppelgangers’?


I Murloc? Aye, Murloc!

A cheesy way to make a new race? Maybe. They would have to have a base form, but perhaps, like a worgen, the base form would never be used in combat. That means they would not have to use time to make combat animations. They would be using existing ones for mobs/races already in play.

What would their base form be? Human? Orc? Ethereal? Some new alien race? Would you pick a “base race”? So many possibilities. Obviously there would have to be some limits. I don’t think the developers would like the idea of everyone running around as murlocs or furbolgs. You would probably only be able to be “disguised” for a period of time. Which makes sense. They could make it into the lore that if they don’t change back in X amount of time they will be permanently stuck and lose their power to change.

Perhaps a limit on which forms you could be. Maybe even picking a subset of forms. Like humanoid/dragonkin/elemental etc. I suppose this could be it’s own class too. They would basically be stealing the power/abilities of the target they are copying.

This opens up a lot more possibilities. It would also be terribly hard to play from a UI standpoint. Maybe just stick with it as a race for now. What do you think? Would you be a Doppelganger? Shifting in an out of disguises to blend in with your environment? Let me know in the comments below!

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