Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite playable race?

This weeks topic asks, “What is your favorite playable race?”. Is it also the race you play mainly?

As you can Imagine, I am conflicted with this question. I love dwarves as a fantasy race. I love everything about them. Their stoic nature, hard working demeanor and love for ale. I love Ironforge. From the warm glow of the braziers to the perfect circular layout of the city.


Thaylen outside Ironforge.

Then there is the Draenei. A totally new fantasy race, exclusive to Warcraft. Alien to Azeroth–intergalactic refugees on the run from the biggest bunch of demons, known as the Burning Legion. While they may be a more righteous race and don’t believe in backstabbing or necromancy, they are not without their flaws. They turned their backs on the “Broken” and basically lead the Legion to other planets and brought destruction with them.


Oxxo and Velen.

Pick one! /Sigh. It’s a coin toss! Dwarves are my “default” race in almost any RPG I play that has them available. My first toon was a Dwarf hunter (then a human mage for a bit, then back to the hunter) but my first character to max level was my draenei paladin. I even thought about naming my guild “D&D” for dwarf and draenei. I think the only reason I didn’t is because you can’t use the & symbol.

I do have a guild named <Reservoir Dwarves> complete with a black and white tabard 😉 “Axxeus”, a dwarf paladin is the guild master. Tabards look the best on dwarves. This is not getting easier. This is getting harder.


Axxeus in front of the cathedral.

Overall, I have 4 draenei toons (one is a bank toon and one is a hunter who is not really a hunter), 2 of which are max level. I have 4 dwarves, 1 max level, 2 85+ (one is a little rogue that I may remake when VR goes live).

So, if I had to start all over (let’s say there was a tragic accident with a server that wiped out all my toons) [expletive] [deleted]! Well I can tell you one thing–I would make one of them, and then I would make the other and alternate leveling them. There! Are you happy now??


Spacebard: “Excuse me, do you have a restroom?”

Do you have a favorite playable race? Is it also the character you play most? Feel free to comment on it below!

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4 Responses to Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite playable race?

  1. repgrind says:

    I know there’s no way I can pick just one.

    I love the Tauren … their lore, their nature, pretty much everything about them – except their size. My first toon was a lady Tauren, and being new to non-console gaming I was a keyboard turner back then, so her size was a detriment and I was very clumsy on her, so I just can’t play them despite being fond of them.

    I also am very fond of Forsaken, which seems strange I suppose since they are almost polar opposites of the Tauren. But I love their vocalizations and animations, and their undead warhorses are on the shortlist of my favorite mounts (yes I can’t pick just one of those, either).

    On the Alliance side … almost every dang thing I’ve rolled is a human male. I love them for their dorkiness, from the goofy ham hands to the silly disco dance. I even like the unnatural way they run. They just amuse me.

    Of course, having said all this, my ‘main’ is a belf. Go figure. :p

  2. Jojo says:

    I’m currently wiriting my response to this community topics and I think I’m going to have to settle on two races – one Alliance & one Horde. It’s such a toughy!! I can’t believe you have so many characters of a each race – the most I have of one race is 2 (currently). But I guess if you love a race that much then why not!

    • oxxo910 says:

      Wrath and Cata were very good in enabling me to play many toons. I had 11 85s at one point. Mists made me slow down a lot on max level toons but I am still playing the alts. 🙂 Gotta have one of everything :p I gotta get my tauren pally to 90!

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