What would you change about Blizzard’s storytelling?

After reading Thursday’s Queue, it got me to thinking (after I calmed down): What would I do differently about the story or the way stories unfold? For one, I would put the major quest chains up front. The current model seems to put all the busy work, gathering bear butts and poop, killing random creatures up front. I understand, somethings require a little set up and that’s fine, just don’t bury these things.

I like being able to hop around but in Pandaria it seemed every quest hub was more or less the same. Gather this, kill that, slow down. I mean, imagine if we didn’t stumble upon the island when we did: they would have been infested with sha, flying insects and filthy monkeys.


Idonije and Crusader Bridenbrad among the Naaru.

A lot of zones in the old world could benefit from this too. I don’t mind linear questing when done right, it locks you into the story/theme of that zone or hub. I think Wrath did this best. From Borean Tundra and the Kalu’ak to Storm Peaks with Son’s of Hodir and viking women. They told so many great stories and had fun quests along the way.


Sylvanas and the Val’Kyr in Silverpine.

I would also have the faction leaders be more active in our quests. If you have ever been through Silverpine and did the epic quest chain featuring Sylvanas, you know exactly what I mean. If you have not, I implore you to roll a little hordie and go check it out. Now I don’t expect them all to be as epic, but a few quests and some interactions would go a long way towards advancing their stories and developing their character. It would also help immerse us in our chosen faction.

So what would you change? What zones worked best for you? Do you like long quest chains or hopping around indiscriminately? Please let me know in the comments!

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