Community Blog Topic: What would you buy from the in-game store?

A potentially hot-button topic, to say the least. I have since softened my stance on the in-game store. I have bought things in the past, a couple pets, the winged guardian mount and I got a second account for the obsidian nightwing. I think those all had more functionality before pets and mounts became account wide. However, there are some things that I might pay for.

A set of BoA bags– They would have to be at least 16-20 slot and be able to be mailed to all the servers I play on. I’m actually set up pretty good on 2 of them and OK on my 3rd. So I guess this would have been better before, but I can still see value in it.


A Blingtron-like profession bot would be very cool.

Personal profession bot– Kind of like a Blingtron or Jeeves. Your personal profession bot would train you all up in your professions and even sell related goods to you. It would have to be BoA too.

Multi-passenger vehicle– Whether it be a hot air balloon, zeppelin or some other magnificent vehicle that let me carry 5-10 players around. I would also love the ability to plot my own flightpath courses for leisurely travel.

There are several things I’m sure I am forgetting. Like lots of cool things that you can get on the TCG cards like those D.I.S.C.O. balls all seem really neat. For the most part, I don’t see myself buying any more mounts or pets unless they are really cool looking or bring some functionality that isn’t currently in-game.

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