If not for flight…

Blizzard’s Lead Systems Developer, Greg Street has come out and said he wished flight was never implemented in Warcraft. I think this is crazy. I feel flight is one of the best features ever put into Warcraft. If not for flight exploration would be limited to just what you can get to on the ground. How boring is that? So, it got me to thinking, what are some of the things we would miss out on, if not for flight? Images tell the story better than I ever could:


No Dalaran light show.


No rooftop picnic!


No funky glitches that leave you stranded in the sky!


No taking naps on giant mushrooms!


No standing on top of Ironforge…


and gliding down in the scenic Dun Morogh!


No amazing aerial views!


No hanging out in Teldrassil trees!


No turning into Orcs or Netherdrakes!


No gnome on the roof (Temple of the Moon)!


No cheating on a flag!

As you can see there is a lot we would miss out on. These are only some of the many wonderful places flying can take you. Adds another dimension to the game, saves you time and lets you explore places you never imagined you could go!

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