Community Blog Topic: Who is your favorite faction leader?

This weeks community blog topic at WoW Insider is another good one. A tough one, for me. Especially because Sylvanas is so well done. Her character is well written. There is an epic quest chain in Silverpine Forest that spans from level 10 to 20+. The question isn’t who is the best written though, it’s “Who is your favorite” As much as I like what they have done with her, I can’t pick her. It’s hard not to. Really hard.


Sylvanas helping Supermon quest in Silverpine.

So, the way I am approaching this is: For whom would I be most sad if they killed them off or took them out of the game? Since I play the alliance mostly, I would have to go with an alliance leader. I like Velen and love the draenei as a race. Unfortunately, the only thing I know about him, I read in his short story. One of my gripes with Blizzard is that they don’t put our faction leaders into the game enough.

Varian and Tyrande are nice. I like what they are doing with Varian in Mists. We get to see he has a personality and character. I wouldn’t be that broken up if they went on to do something else though.


Magni Bronzebeard–he’s almost begging to come back! Come on Blizzard, make this happen!

My favorite is someone who has already been put in “limbo”. In fact he is a diamond statue in the bowels of the dwarven city of Ironforge. I’m still a little bitter over the fact that they took him between expacs and plopped the council of three hammers in his place. We even had to wait a couple patches before they opened it up for us to be able to visit him.

“Uncle” Magni as I affectionately refer to the former leader of the dwarven nation. While, I really didn’t know too much about him, I visited him often and always defended him when hordies came to town. I was crushed in Cata when I found out what happened to him. I now pine for a way for them to bring him back, which I know is a longshot.

It stings a little to read about him now. To hear how he loved his brothers, forged the Ashbringer, changed his stance on female dwarves, and forged a mace for prince Anduin. Just a few of the historic things he has done. Most of which, I think would make excellent quests. So there it is. My vote is cast. King Magni Bronzebeard, I choose you.

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