Altoholic’s guide to the Deathknight

Just rolled a new DK. Yes, another one. At this point I have it down to a finely tuned program.


Valanorá fresh out of Ebon hold.

So you get ported out of Ebon Hold and the first thing you want to do is visit Garrosh or Varian? Incorrect. The first thing you want to do is set your hearth to an inn at your faction capital. Less important after 5.4 hits and your Death gate will put you back near where you were when you initially used it. Since you weren’t able to runeforge your current weapon before leaving, you will need to Death gate back to Ebon Hold and do that. Then when you are done, you can hearth out to your faction capital. Unless you like a lot of adventure and flying or riding, then don’t worry.

You may want to hit up all the profession trainers and get trained up on them. Mining/herbs/skinning is always a good way to go, especially if you have no idea which professions you want to do. Training in cooking and fishing will give you immediate access to the city dailies. If the Darkmooon Faire is in town, you may or may not want to level those to 75 so you can access the faire quests.

If it’s your first character on a given server, you will be strapped for gold. Don’t worry, questing in Outland will bring lots of gold, items and mats to sell. If you do train in a gathering profession, you will want to hit your favorite lowbie area to level them up. Mine is Loch Modan on alliance side. It’s great for all three of your gathering professions. If you have the gold from other toons or are good at making it, you can pick up the gnomish army knife and even a thermal anvil for smelting ore.

If you choose to do enchanting, you might want to hit up the quartermaster in your faction capital and grab a tabard so you can max out that rep while you go into dungeons for mats. Deadmines is a gold mine for either alliance or horde.

Once you bring up your gathering to Outland level (275 for mining and herbing, 300 for skinning) you are ready to go quest or continue leveling as you desire. At Level 59 I jumped into some Battlegrounds to get enough honor (290) to purchase one of the epic level 60 weapons from the SW/Org legacy vendor. Your next goal might be to make enough gold for flying. Most of your gear at this point should be good enough to get you to level 68. Be mindful of losing stats such as crit and hit from your gear.

I hope this mini-guide will help you out on rolling your first (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc!) Deathknight. If you would like to add anything to this post, feel free to comment on it down below!

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7 Responses to Altoholic’s guide to the Deathknight

  1. Ooh, that’s awesome about the Deathgate! I was just wondering the other day why Monks get all the two-way traveling fun.

  2. mrdrunkendwarf says:

    I like the tip about darkmoon faerie. BTW it is just around the corner.

  3. mrdrunkendwarf says:

    At 78 I did the Northend version of the Ring of Blood. I was about a bar away from 79. At 79. I opened up the Shadow Vault and did some stuff for the Argent Tournament. I am now about a bar away from 80.

    At level 80, I was thinking of getting some Hardened Obsidian gear to replace my hands, feet, belt, and wrists. It will get my item level up to queue for Cata dungeons. My heirlooms are good until level 85 except the ring.

  4. Laeleiweyn says:

    Great pointers. 🙂

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