Do we really need new levels in Warcraft?

Elcheeshead, (correct spelling) a commenter on Sunday’s Queue @Wow Insider brought up an interesting question. Do we really need more levels in Warcraft?


My immediate response was: “It would probably be wildly unpopular, but not leveling up would cut a lot of BS out. They are going to rebalance classes anyway. If you think about it, 50% or more of their development time is probably spent on the leveling process, which the majority of players probably does once.

What does this leave? Dungeons, raids, PvP, professions. Pretty much everything else. They could do epic questlines that matter and tie into the main story. They wouldn’t have to mess with filler content. If they so choose to do so, they can put some fun stuff in if they want. It would radically change the game. This could be a good community blog topic.”


So let’s take a look at this, rationally and as objectively as possible. No new levels? Are you f-cking crazy? Well, yeah but that’s not the issue. If we can agree that a good chunk (if not half) of the developers time is spent on questing from previous level cap to new level cap, this could free them up to work on other things:

Questing– They would still have quests, but these quests would be more meaningful. They would tell rich tales full of lore and character development. New races would be completely and meaningfully fleshed out. No loose ends. No abrupt stops. They could even add max level class quests. There could still be dailies and reputation but you would work on these from the moment you set foot in the new zones.

Dungeons– No more leveling dungeons, there would just be dungeons. Call them heroic or normals or whatever you want. They would be able to spend more time on making them epic and not worry about how fast we get through them.

Raids– With flex raids upon us, LFR, normals and heroic modes, there is plenty of raiding to do. Maybe some extra time now to make sure all the tiers have enough bosses.

PvP– Not worried about having to quest for 5-10 levels, you would go to work right away and start earning that honor and conquest. Maybe use your extra time to do rep work and craft some gear?

Professions– For crafting gear, they wouldn’t have to worry about arbitrarily putting lesser gear in for leveling. They could focus on good looking gear for PvE/PvP and transmog.

Gathering– Instead of not having time to level and work on your professions, you would have plenty of time to gather materials. Maybe some extra time to work on rep or do dungeons/Battlegrounds.

So far I really don’t see a downside. One of the complaints could be that you don’t see progress or an arbitrary power increase. They could very easily power everyone up who is at the cap. Just like they do when you hit the cap. They could put a class specific mini-boss in (kind of like in temple of the white tiger).

How would you feel if there were no more levels? Would you be relieved or cheated? Feel free to let me know how crazy or amazing you think this would be!

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24 Responses to Do we really need new levels in Warcraft?

  1. sparkysshocker says:

    There will always be more levels, ilvl would be a great way and is a great way to increase player power level. I don’t think Blizzard would consider capping the level for good, at least not until we hit 100. I do throughly enjoy all your ideas however I think for some it would be very hard to actually do quests for what we currently do them for today (XP mainly), unless you tied rep to quest chains (which I think they would) but even then is Rep enough to drive players to do new quests without the promise of XP.

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  5. John22 says:

    If not levels, there would always be something that would give players an edge over each other.

  6. I think the main reason blizzard will increase the cap is that leveling is the most widely accepted carrot on the stick in the game.

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  8. Monknessa says:

    I definitely think more levels is important, it levels the playing field just a little. I have no issue raising ilvls through lfr, hc scenario, raids etc, but that’s not for everyone and as long as Blizz keep catering to the masses – the game will continue to thrive – and that is most important here.

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  11. Well thought out. I like the idea of having quests that are actually meaningful. Collecting a dozen boar livers is not my idea of fun. I *really* like the idea about being able to participate in end-game PvP right from the get go.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Thanks! I think so too. It just makes a lot of sense to me. Once you get beyond the fear of no new levels you can start to think of how cool things could be without them. WoW is almost 10 years old, this could help freshen things up at endgame.

  12. Massa says:

    I would love not having to level, if they put that much story/work into still having quests. I like to quest–whether I’m gaining levels or not (I play solo a lot).

    The only downside I see is what do we do about prior dungeons? Say in the WoW expansion after Mists: Do we leave all the level 90 heroics in the queue with the new dungeons? If so, do the level 90 heroics drop lower ilevel gear than these new dungeons? Do we now stratify dungeons based on ilevel drops (like we did with Zuls and the HoT’s)?

    • oxxo910 says:

      I would make it going forward. I wouldn’t change any current content. So this would be once we get to 100. I don’t know what Blizzard plans but it will seem weird to go to say 105 or 110. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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  19. wowerman says:

    what a bad idea

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