Community Blog Topic: Should all classes get a fourth spec?

This week’s Community Blog topic is another good one. The 4th spec debate. I’m not a fan of 4th specs but there are some compelling arguments. My answer would be a resounding “No”. I personally think a new class is much more interesting. Since “no” is pretty boring, I will pretend I am a “Yes” man and even go into what I would do for the 4th specs, or at least as many as I can. Come along for the ride!


Shaman tank?

Let me first propose my twist: I would make all the 4th specs link up with another class, lorewise and game-play wise. For instance. There would be one spell that worked in symbiosis with another class. Kind of like supercharging it. I would be super powerful and have to be on a 4-5 minute CD of course. Example: Priests could have a “super bubble” that if they use it in conjunction with a Warrior in their ranged DPS spec that would turn them into a supercharged death machine for 6-10 seconds.

Paladin: I will start here because it’s fresh on my mind. Obvious spec would be “Shockadin”. A viable ranged DPS for paladins. It would do significantly less healing than holy, maybe 1 AoE heal, Word of Glory and Flash Heal. I would add at least one more ranged attack and an AoE ranged attack.

Warlock: I’m going to go with Robin’s idea of a heal spec. I like the thought of siphoning the life from bads and using it to heal team members. I also like the idea of the healing pet. They could have a “soul link” spell that you could put on the tank that would heal them. Maybe even some DoTs that do less damage and transfer that to heals as well.

Warrior: I think them healing would be kind of weird. A ranged DPS spec might be better. Instead of using ranged weapons, I would use them as the projectile. They kind of do this already with Charge and Heroic Leap. They would have to tweak them to be DPS moves and not CC/gap closers. Maybe give them 1-2 ranged attacks that throw their weapons, kind of like the hunter spell Glaive toss. Another idea would be to give them a 2H tanking option. Drop the shield and use a 2H weapon. Think: Conan the Barbarian.


Can’t wait til they add gnome hunters!

Hunter: Not really a new spec, but a new breed of hunters. I would have gnome hunters and make them be able to create mechanical pets. “Mechanimals” and robots. They could perhaps teach other hunters to do this as well. Maybe even have “support pets” that can heal or tank for limited amounts of time. Instead of freezing traps they could throw down spikes or oil slicks. Instead of arcane damage they could deal electricity.

Deathknight: The only thing I can think of would be making them heal. Their healing would be different though. It would be them absorbing damage from other players and then turning that pain into heals. It would be radically different from anything in the game. Really not sure on the weapons. Maybe dual-wield caster swords/maces? Perhaps some new weapons would have to be implemented.

Shaman: Tank spec. Less DPS of course. They would tank using the elements. They already have an earth and a fire elemental and their spirit wolves. I would give them water and air elementals as well. They would be different than the normal ones. Fire would do damage and aggro. Earth would protect/absorb. Air would do damage and provide dodge and water would cleanse/debuff and AoE heal. All the elementals would provide some type of aggro. They would have to figure out how many could be out at once and for how long.

That’s about all I got. Hopefully these ideas entertained you. I don’t see a 4th spec coming any time soon. It’s always fun to get creative about things. Who knows, some of these ideas could be used for another class someday.

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2 Responses to Community Blog Topic: Should all classes get a fourth spec?

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  2. Jojo says:

    I love the idea of hunters having ‘Mechanimals’. I’m also a fan on Warlocks being able to heal with their life draining abilities 🙂

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