Community Blog Topic: Do we need an ability squish?

This week’s Community Blog Topic asks: Do we need an ability squish? Considering they add many spells per class/spec each expansion and take very few, if any away–I’ll go with yes!


Thaylen squares off vs a training dummy in Ironforge.

Now for me, the added hunter spells worked OK. Stampede, Murder of Crows, and Dire Beast fit nicely onto my bars and into my rotation. However with other classes and specs, I have had hard time making room. They actually made things worse for me with my Shaman now that you have to drop one totem at a time. With many spells going into talents or glyphs, this is kind of compounded.


Noxx works on some things at the shrine in Pandaria (with friends, creepy crate and earth elemental).

Most times, especially when leveling, I simply take the passive choice so I don’t have to deal with mucking up my action bars. This might make me a bad player but that is the reality. There are many players who love the complexity and multiple button rotations. I don’t play with any addons and use very few macros–I like to keep things simple. It allows me to focus on crowd control like sheeping and spell steal/silence. As much as I hate to see so much change and will probably not agree with which spells to take out, I feel this is not only needed but long overdue.

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