Community Blog Topic: Would you play on an expansion specific server?

My first response to this week’s Community Blog Topic is: yeah. Maybe. For a little bit. I’d go check it out. Robin brings up some good points though. Technical limitations aside, it would be a novelty, but how long would it last? Even if they figured out how to sustain it with minimal support, how long would it last?

Then I had an idea. What if they let us copy characters to and from it? Cap them at whatever that expansion’s level cap would be. Would that do anything? I think potentially, that would be cool. I would only let BoAs be copied over–if anything. No gold, Not sure what to do about mounts and pets. If possible, I would have a way to optionally disable achievements, if it wasn’t too much of an issue.


The Dark Portal.

I would very much like to play BC from the start, just to soak up the lore. I have no urge to get rep or attuned with any factions to do heroics. I would love to have seen what it was like when the Dark Portal was opened. PvP might be fun too with less bloat, but getting used to how classes played back then might be kind of funky.

Being able to play Wrath from the zombie invasion would be cool. I started in January of ’09 so I got to play most of it when it was relevant. Perhaps they could have world event scenarios in the Cavern of Time that people could partake in.

It does bring up lots of questions. Would there be class restrictions? Race restrictions? I definitely would leave out some of the newer technology like LFG and LFR. Let people experience the expacs how they were when they were live. Maybe then people would appreciate what we have now even more.

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