Post 5.4 plans?

The Timeless Isle is great fun and maybe you have your sights set on defeating Garrosh in LFR, 10/25n or heroic. Maybe you don’t. After the smoke clears, what are your goals/wishes for the rest of the expansion? Me? I have a ton of things to include. Most of them involve reputation work.


PvP: One of my favorite games within the games. I will be honest, most of mine will be in one of the main cities (Ironforge) trying to help guards kill over-geared players.

Leveling alts: I got ’em by the dozen (actually close to two dozen). I have 2 full servers full of toons to level. I would love to get 1-2 more to 90 on my second server (I have one horde 90).

Reputation work: I am going to make a serious attempt to get as many reps done before the next expac as I can.

Loremaster? It’s on my list. I would like to knock it out before next expansion if I can.

I pretty much have all the mounts and pets I can handle. I do want the Shado-Pan tigers, but aside from that, no real goals there.

So what about you guys? Do you have any goals for the post 5.4 era or will you be taking a little break in the action? Feel free to comment down below or on twitter!

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5 Responses to Post 5.4 plans?

  1. Probably just run up to 11 toons through lfr each week (if motivated and schoolwork allows) and go for the occasional coin run on the isle. Starting to see the silliness of 16 90’s with the temptation to gear them all…I like the freedom and alt-friendliness of this patch very much. A game should be fun right?

    I’m finding that my toon choice of the day varies greatly. I’m usually toon surfing for a particular class mechanic/visual/audio that also feels good mashing on the keyboard. Might write a post about it.

  2. Nev says:

    I’ve got a mega to-do list on my secondary blog – all the stuff I’d like to check off before next expac! It’s She Rides Dragons on blogspot if you wanna peek πŸ™‚

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