Paladin week

The paladin is probably one of the quintessential Role Playing Game classes. Whether it’s Dungeons & Dragons or any of the popular games over the last 30 years. Holy warrior. Righteous protector of the weak. There is a nobility and a sense of real world history intertwined with the thought of slaying dragons in a fantasy setting. At least for me. Enter: Paladin week.


My first Paladin, Oxxo.

When I first stumbled into Azeroth, paladin was my first thought. I think I embody many of the virtues of one. At least at heart and in my own mind :p. My buddy who got me into WoW already chose his class. Yep. He selected a paladin. Not knowing much about the game, I decided to go with something else. I selected a hunter. I later would roll a mage then back to the hunter. It wasn’t until I stopped playing with my friend regularly, that I would roll and level a paladin.

It was my 4th class, I picked a short name after reading how shorter names made it easier for people to communicate with you while grouping. I was one of the few people who read the manual the game came with 😉 Oxxo was born. Draenei paladin. I picked jewelcrafting and tailoring (I was still a noob). I stumbled my way around for a while. Took a little break and got my hunter to 55, rolled a DK, was bad at it and went back to the paladin. Was it fate? Destiny? Not sure. I was pretty bad at it. I picked up gear with either strength, stamina, and/or intelligence. I knew that much. I just didn’t realize I should try and pick one!

There was a total talent reset early on in Wrath. It was at this time I tried out protection. It was the first time I put all my talents into one tree (I told you I was bad). I loved it. Throwing my shield in the face of my enemies was something I wasn’t prepared for. The sheer joy. The feeling of power. I brought the hammer down on the evil and unjust. I sought out the undead to wash them in my holy light.

After hitting the level cap (80), I researched tanking a little. For some reason I latched on to the unpopular idea of resillence tanking. It was an experiment that ended quickly after being ridiculed (probably rightly so). I would eventually gear up properly and was actually a decent tank for heroics. I even did a fair amount of LFDs near the end of Wrath.

During Cataclysm, my paladin was my main, and first character to go through new content, but it took a backseat to my mage, hunter and lock. I would roll several paladin alts, including a tauren paladin. It wasn’t until the later half that I would finally get comfortable with holy power and settle on a “rotation” that worked for me.

Mists renewed my love for the class. Holy power was tweaked a little. My rotation seemed tight and clean. I actually enjoyed playing my paladin more. Whether it be due to the nature of how the content was or the “clunkiness” of alt leveling, I stuck with him and slowly geared him up. I got my tauren to 90 and that helped strengthen my playstyle. I tried ret for about a week and decided it’s not for me. I plan on gearing him up as he is my only horde 90, and experiencing the Siege of Ogrimmar from the other faction’s point of view.

Paladin. I choose you, as you have chosen me.

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One Response to Paladin week

  1. Ellellesays says:

    It’s actually all about hunters, but your love of the paladin class is sweet 😉

    JK/JK! Great article Bard and it echos the sentiments of most of the paly playing people I knew during those phases. I know a couple people that picked up their paly toons again for Mists and felt the changes were good, but ended up falling in deep lust with the monk class. Personally, I love having monk heals in my raid groups because MONK BALLS, but my last RL was a paly healer and it was a great experience. I found the heals to be smooth again, similar to how they performed back in Wrath. It’s nice that the class got the TLC it deserved.

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