15 Led Zeppelin songs for your listening pleasure

Making this list for sort of selfish reasons. If you follow my blog regularly, you might notice I am into the fantasy football. In week 2 I needed some mojo, badly. So I called upon Led Zeppelin to appease the football gods. Yes, most of us who watch sports are a superstitious lot (i.e. crazy). We do what we can to impose our will on our opponents. If that means wearing odd clothing, not shaving, eating the same pre-game meal or channeling classic rock bands, so be it. It’s working so far, so I am going to go with it.

Good times bad times– As you know, if you play fantasy football, it can be both good times and bad times. Especially if you are in more than one league, doh!

All my love– All of my fantasy football love, to you! One of my favorite offerings to the football gods.

Nobody’s fault but mine– So true when it comes to putting in my lineups.

The ocean-Good groove. I think I actually learned to play part of this song while taking guitar lessons. My teacher really dug Zeppelin and Nirvana. It was the early 90s.

Tangerine– I just like this song. It’s beautiful. That’s all I got.

When the levee breaks– This song really gets things going. Funky groove and percussive tones. I like to start things off with this one. Hoping my team will break out and fantasy points will spill all over the place.

Dancing days– Yeah. Hoping my players will be doing touchdown dances in the endzone.

The rain song– Hoping points will rain down over my opponents.

The immigrant song-It’s cool to watch college bands play the opening riff to this song during football games. If it works for them, it works for me!

Misty mountain hop- This really gets the players hopping. Yeah, I got nothing. Just good song.

Kashmir– I love the drum groove. When you heard Bonham on the drums you knew instantly it was Zeppelin. Big drums. They should have named this song, “Big drums”. Yeah.

No Quarter– That’s exactly what I give my fantasy football opponents! Hehe. I’m a goof. I admit it.

Ramble on– If this wasn’t meant for football, nothing was.

Heartbreaker– That’s what I am to my opponents. A virtual heartbreaker baby!

Thank you– Once I have a good amount of pointage, I like to break out my thanks and offer up one final song.

Thank you guys for reading and listening. “Thank you” to Led Zeppelin for making such beautiful and inspiring music!

Edit: Finished second place in both leagues I was in this year. Led Zeppelin will be retired along with, “Borrowed time”, the name of one of the teams, who placed 2nd out of 50 teams!

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