Community Blog Topic: What’s your endgame?

This week’s Community Blog Topic asks, What’s your endgame? I kind of answered this already in an earlier post. I suppose I can expand on it though.

Right now, things are in a good place for me. Around patch 5.3 or a little earlier, I started on the 5.1 stuff, mainly Operation Shieldwall and the Golden Lotus repgrind. I’m glad I did it and knocked it out while it was available. I was able to complete the Battlefield Barrens quests on one alliance and one horde toon.

With 5.4, the Timeless Isle brought a nice venue for people like me (altoholics) to gear them up and play them. Experiment with offspecs and otherwise, relearn their class. It was also a nice place to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.


Noxx leveled mainly through Pet Battles from 86-90.

My endgame though is a balance between new content and old content. As an altoholic, I am an opportunist when it comes to changing things up. This week started Hallow’s End, Warcraft’s version of Halloween. This is the time for me to jump on alts and take them trick or treating for XP and gold. Occasional, holiday boss for a try at the Headless Horseman’s reins.

I’m also leveling a few other characters from 85-90, doing mainly Pet Battles and city cooking/fishing dailies. Trick or treating will definitely be added to this, because for some reason I never tire of this activity. It can also be shared with friends and strangers alike.

Eventually, I will get into LFR or flex raids on my Paladin or now well geared lock (thanks to Timeless Isle). Hopefully get to some of my post 5.4 plans I linked above.

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