Community Blog Topic: Should characters be scaled to low-level content?

This week’s Community Blog Topic asks, should characters be scaled to low level content? My answer is simple: Only if it’s optional. I don’t need to always be challenged in every facet of the game. If I want a challenge, there are many ways for me to find them.


Leaving a starter area at the appropriate level once is enough for me!

Hell, I am a keyboard-turning button-clicker. I’m already challenged. I don’t use addons and only have a handful of macros. I’ll save my rant about players letting the PC play the game for them for another time.

I can’t really come up with many valid reasons why you have to be the same level as your friend to enjoy the content or the time spent. Unless you don’t want to steal their XP. That is probably the only valid reason. If that’s the case, why not roll another toon to play with them? There are so many benefits to rolling an alt:

  • Professions
  • Materials (stock them up or sell them)
  • Trying out a different race/class
  • Guild XP (if your guild is not maxed)
  • Relearning a class
  • Trying out another faction

Those are just the ones I can think of, off the cuff. I’m sure there are many more.

If there was some kind of mentoring system, where a max level player could go to a dungeon and “instruct” or guide people through it (including tips on their spec/role) that would be cool. I would reward those players with extra points and probably a goodie bag. This could help repair the state of the current communities in the LFD/LRG age. Of course, it could make people targets to be griefed as well. One way around this would be an option to be in such a group. So the people partaking in the group would understand it was for inexperienced players and those willing to help others.

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