To the faithful departed

Today is Dia de Muertos, (Day of the Dead) as 2013 draws closer to an end, I can’t help but think of all the good souls we have lost this year. It’s a bid sad, I admit, but there is a little healing in celebrating those who have passed on. I try to remember the good times and the special moments they have imprinted upon us. So enjoy a few clips and some songs that I feel make the passing a little easier.

See you on the other side  (above)- Great song by Ozzy Osbourne. He knows what it’s like to lose a very dear friend (Randy Rhodes). This song is bittersweet, melodic and beautiful. One of my favorites from the Prince of Darkness.

Chrissy Amphlett– Even though I only know a couple songs, “I touch myself” is ingrained in my memory for this one hit, which was also used in “Austin Powers“.

James Gandolfini– My first memories of this man were from “True Romance” where he played a tough guy looking to get some “product” back that belonged to a drug dealer. He then went to star in many movies including a nice run on HBO’s “Sopranos”. My favorite role might have been the hitman in, “The Mexican”. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it just for his portrayal. It has a twist, that I left out on purpose.

Dennis Farina– I actually made a tribute post to the ex-Chicago cop turned actor. He reminded me of many people I knew, from my friends dad to cops I have worked with. I always thought of him like an uncle. Even though I never met the man.

Elmore Leonard– You may not have known the well published author for his books, but you probably have seen a movie or two that were adapted from them. From “Get Shorty” to “Jackie Brown” (Rum Punch) and even the TV series, “Justified”. Leonard was well known for his clever plot twists and witty/realistic dialogue.

Roger Ebert– Was kind of an icon here in Chicago and perhaps even nationwide. He joins his former “Sneak Previews/At the movies” partner Gene Siskel, who passed away in 1999.

Jonathan Winters– Famous comedian and actor. I loved his easy going and subtle wit. My most fond memories of him were appearances on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. If you like comedy and somehow missed out on this incredible man, please check out a few of his clips or movies!

Lou Reed– Long time indie rock legend. Famous for the song, “Walk on the wild side”. Lou Reed related to so many people from so many different walks of life. A good example of this is his song “Perfect Day” which was used in the dark crime-drama, “Trainspotting” as well as a video game ad for the next-Gen Sony Playstation.

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