Community Blog Topic: Should PvP and PvE continue to be mixed?

Always flattered when a suggestion gets tabbed for the Community Blog Topic. The biggest complaint when the subjects of What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been or the Wrathion legendary quest come up, is usually forced PvP. Blizzard has been trying to mix PvP into PvE since PvP was a thing. It’s debatable to how this is received. So should they stop trying or should they change how it’s done?

One thing they need to do is stop requiring a “win”. On many occasions, winning is not an option. It also puts a huge amount of stress on those players who don’t normally PvP.

I would also focus on criteria that is team oriented. Defend X base, heal X players. Capture X flag/tower (with everyone in the radius getting credit). I’m not saying make it really easy, but make it more forgiving and sensible. Have it grow camaraderie rather than animosity.

I have a couple examples of areas they can do this:

1. A 5-man instance where at some point, you cross paths with a 5 man party of the opposite faction. You kill them or even win an objective and get bonus loot (gear, points, pets). This would be in a Tol Barad/Wintergrasp type zone. A model that they probably won’t go back to, since they seem to like the Timeless Isle and how it works.

2. Have random rares/world bosses on a Timeless Isle type area auto flag you. You then can choose whether you want to stay and fight or flee. They could make it to where looting the boss flags you, so you don’t have to worry about being ganked in the middle. You then fight the other faction for extra honor/conquest and chances at bonus loot? They could drop tokens like you used to get in BGs. Only these would be worth something. I would make it a random boss, so that PvPers couldn’t camp one and simply gank people.

The final thing I will add is, they need to give healers more of an incentive to play BGs. Reward them honor or extra loot bags for healing. Maybe something like 2-3 honor for every player they heal. Probably have to cap it, but also award points for completing the BG, so the healers just don’t hit their cap and leave. I’m not sure how exactly to set it up, to where it wouldn’t be gamed. Perhaps they would have a better idea how to implement it?

What do you guys think? Should Blizzard try to sprinkle in some PvP in less forceful ways or should they simply forget about the notion of having them coexist? Tell me about it in the comments down under!

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One Response to Community Blog Topic: Should PvP and PvE continue to be mixed?

  1. mrandmrswow says:

    Personally, having PvP forced upon me would be hell. I have neither the inclination, the gear nor the mind set to do it, so when I do have to, it is not a good experience. Neither is it good for those who are unfortunate enough to have me in their random BG – I spend most of the time dead or dying.

    It would be nice to make it easier to access in the world IF AND WHEN you wanted to. I like your suggestion of the world boss, but if this was the case, I still wouldn’t participate. Ganking was, and always will be, something I detest.

    However, not all people take this view and I imagine for them, it’d be great to have more interactive PvP in the world environment. My husband in particular, would love it. I suppose though,if you wanted world PvP you would roll on a PvP server…

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