Community Blog Topic: Pitch your World of Warcraft expansion

This week’s Community Blog Topic is a fun and challenging one. At least for me. I don’t know that much about the ins and outs of the lore. I know a little. I do admit, all the stuff with old gods and titans kind of bores me. Now the stuff about the faction leaders, that’s right up my alley. To me that was the meat and potatoes about Mists.

Setting: To start my expansion off, it would have to do with the Explorer’s League and the Reliquary finding another continent (there could be a whole bunch on the other side of the globe). Toying with the idea of having 2 continents, like Eastern Kindoms and Kalimdor, fulled with new faction capitals and a new 1-60 leveling zone. They could totally flip the script and make the new 1-60 zone be totally dynamic, have it scale with your level. That’s probably a little ambitious. Perhaps that could come later on. We’ll just stick with a new continent to explore.

The faction leaders: I would bring Sylvanas and Moira to the forefront. I’ve mentioned in comments, my wish to have them team up and try to take over the northern part of Eastern Kindoms. They could make a power play, taking over Ironforge and then march into Silvermoon. Perhaps Sylvanas has finally found a way to make non-humans into her Forsaken?

Velen would be urged to finally accept the broken into their ranks as official members of the Draenei. This is one of my biggest wishes right now. The Draenei don’t seem like a race who would abandon their people. I know they thought they were tainted and would corrupt other dreanei but I think that was disproved. Again, the lore is not my strong point.

New playable race: Ethereal–for everyone. Despite former Lead Systems Developer, Ghostcrawler claiming he didn’t like how it worked, I would give them to both factions. This would bring them into the fold with all their eclectic architecture and flair. They could bring new life into engineering. I would also have them work with Gnomes to make them hunters who built their pets and used technology to enhance their ability.

New Class: Bounty hunter. The bounty hunter class would be part hunter, part spy, part tinker. They would use a lot of gadgets. I would give them a +10 to engineering or maybe even let them start off at another level altogether. Perhaps have a new branch of Engineering or a new secondary profession to go with it.

New feature: Bounties. There would be a bunch of NPCs and maybe getting points for players as well. There would be weekly raid objectives and PvP objectives in the faction capitals. I would give new rewards for FTA/FTH.

New Battleground: Southshore vs Tarren Mill. This would require the Alliance cleaning up Southshore. That could be the World Event maybe. Horde side would get screwed a little, as they would lose it, but what have they done with it anyways? I’d give them some nice trinket as a consolation prize or something :p

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