Community Blog Topic: What are your WoW resolutions?

This week’s Community Blog Topic takes on resolutions for Warcraft. One of my WoW resolutions might be using a new main in Warlords of Draenor. I even wrote about it a few weeks back. A nice topic for the start of the New Year!

I have the usual resolutions: Work on reputations, do some raiding, level up alts. I really need to get into motion though. Probably the first thing I want to do is gear up either my hunter or warlock for PvP. Lunar fest is coming which will bring more hordies to town. I always like mingling with the opposite faction, so I would like to be as hospitable as I can be 🙂


Discotekka makes use of the Lorewalkers disc of the red flying cloud!

I tackled one of the main reputations that I needed (lorewalkers) last month. My next one would probably be Golden Lotus (on my warlock) so I can get the tailoring pattern to make the 28 slot bags.

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