The best “rain” songs

Tired of snow. Really tired of snow. Ready for rain. So, with warm spring breezes in mind, here we go!

Come on now, had to include the most notorious “rain song” of them all right?

Rain– Madonna. Most people probably forgot about this little song. It’s nice 🙂

The rain song– Led Zeppelin. Before I did my Zeppelin list, I never would have thought of this (or knew it’s name). I am very bad with remembering certain artists song names.

I wish it would rain down– Probably my favorite of the “rain” songs. Phil Collins and Eric Clapton on guitar. The video is pretty funny too. You may recognize the director.

Here comes the rain again– No way I could leave this one out by the Eurythmics. Probably the most famous “rain” song of all time?

I love a rainy night– Eddie Rabbit crossed over from country to pop with this catchy tune. I dig it!

Purple rain- Prince seems to be a little tight with the rights to his music, so you are on your own if you want to listen to this one!

Who’ll stop the rain?– Creedence Clearwater Revival. A chance to feature the dulcet tones of John Fogerty? Hell yes.

Umbrella– Well, it’s kind of about rain. Figuratively? Catchy tune by Rihanna.

Dreams– Fleetwood Mac. You have to listen to the chorus to get the rain vibe, but it’s there. This song always reminds me of a rainy night. Check out a very young Stevie Nicks in the video!

Another rainy night (without you)– A song about rain from a band who hails from the “city of rain”. Winner!

Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to let me know if I left out one of your favorite “rain” songs in the coments below or send me a note on twitter!

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