What makes a good daily quest?

For me it’s a few factors. Is it fun? Can I do it fast? Does it stand up to repetition? Is there a chance at some good loots? Let’s face it, that’s the bottom line right? Or maybe not.

A few days ago, I wrote about “Crocs in the city”. A great fishing daily, a lot of people might not know about. It’s got all my factors in it. Well, I can’t do it that fast. It does require a little travel. Still, with your hearth set at your faction shrine, it can be done pretty quick.

The latest fashion– The Jewelrycrafting quest where you put stardust on people? I could do that 20 times a day and probably not get bored of it. Plus, you get rewarded with a bunch of XP and/or some gold for a few moments of fun.

Penny’s pumpkin pancakes– Honestly, don’t know why I love this quest so much. It is easy and holds up over repetition. Maybe it’s the idea of eating pancakes (which you never get!) I don’t know. I love when I get this quest.

Fish for squirky– Catching minnows in Ironforge to feed to the little murloc is something that never gets old.

Thieving little pluckers- The only downside is it’s in Uldum and there is no port back to anywhere. I could probably sit there for a good 20 minutes wailing away on those guys at any given time. We need more quests like this.

So what are your criteria? What makes it fun or worth doing, over and over again? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 Responses to What makes a good daily quest?

  1. Emma says:

    Well, there’s the problem with playing Horde mainly–I didn’t even know about the Squirky quest, which would absolutely be on my daily rotation. 🙂 I agree–Thieving Little Pluckers is a lot of fun and a great daily: short, fun, awards rep (I think)…except it fails my personal definition of easy to get to. That’s my most important criteria. 🙂

  2. mrandmrswow says:

    For me: not too much flying around to get there and back, relatively interesting (Thieving Pluckers an excellent example of a fun quest!) and preferably a nice reward at the end 🙂

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