When did you become a “solo star”?

When I first started playing Warcraft, I got invited to a little social guild. The GM was on a level 39 druid in Darnassus and I awed at her, kind of RPishly in /say chat. We had a brief conversation and she asked if I wanted to join her guild. My classic response was, “Maybe on my hunter” who was a higher level than the level 10 rogue I was on at the time.

The guild had a couple other level 30 somethings who were pushing their way to 55 to roll Deathknights, which was the hot new thing when I started back in January 2009. They would eventually all start DKs around the same time, and whisk us lowbees around in dungeon runs from Deadmines to Sratholme and everything in between. Eventually one of them got us going in Wrath heroics, which I totally would never have done without his urging.

One of my early aspirations was to be like them when I grew up. I have a pretty unconventional playstyle. I’d rather do lower dungeons with friends than do higher level ones with strangers. My early times in LFD were pretty cool. A lot different than how it is today. I will not go in a dungeon with less than 2 people I know now. It’s just not worth the headache.


Oxxo, my first “solo star”.

I ran people through Deadmines and Stocks and moved up the chain. My coming of age was soloing Strath at level 65 on my protection paladin. I died a few times and probably didn’t do a full clear, but I held my own. This gave me a lot of confidence and eventually led to me pugging my tanking skills in BC dungeons and later on Wrath heroics.

Have you become a “solo star”? If so when did you do it? Feel free to tell me in the comments down under!

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