Imagine: Another pet class

Hold on there. Put the pitchforks down. That’s it, nice and easy. I was thinking, we have all these magnificent pets in the game, why not share the love? Is there room to have another class down the line that can also use pets? I think there might be.

I wouldn’t make it ranged though. Not completely. Maybe 1-2 ranged attacks. I would make it more like a true master of beasts. Maybe even have more than one pet out at a time? You would buff and heal your pets like a normal hunter. Unlike a normal hunter though, extra pets would heal you, your main pet and party members. The pets would truly be your weapons. Kind of like how Murder of Crows and Stampede works. I think there are some possibilities here. I also had this idea for a new kind of warlock, but we will leave that for another day.

This would leave it open for a tanking spec. You would summon your pets to do different attacks and hold aggro. My imagination runs a little wild during these posts. Yours should too!

I would have it use leather armor, not sure about mail. Weapons would be 1h: dagger, axe, sword for tanking or DPS. For healing: 1h dagger or sword and 2h staff.

So this would give people who like playing a hunter but want to melee, tank or heal some options. However, like I said, the focus and the power would be from the pets. The actual power from the player would be little more than cosmetic. Maybe enough to take down a normal, same-level mob, but not enough to defeat a higher level mob.

Sound good or another one of my, “wacky ideas” that would never work? Tell me about it in the comments down under!

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