Songs that changed your opinion of the artist

If you read my last list, you might notice certain bands/artists on here. As I said in that one, it’s weird how some bands worst songs are their most popular. These songs are the ones that changed my view, totally.

One– Metallica. Ddidn’t really start liking heavy metal until I heard this song on the radio. Then I raided my sisters album stash (that’s right, vinyl) and checked out the records she had. Which brought me to another favorite, “Fade to black”. I was hooked at that point.

Strong enough– Sheryl Crow. I just about hated, “All I wanna do”. Even though I like Sheryl now, that song still really annoys me. “Strong enough” struck a chord in me, prompting me to buy her CD and being very glad I did.

Jane says– Was not a fan of Jane’s Addiction at all, but “Jane says” is a brilliant song and really puts me in a good mood. Which is odd because it’s kind of about a dark subject.

Empire– I got on the boat a little late with Queensryche, but not too late to miss their “bulding empires tour” which featured playing “Operation Mindcrime” in it’s entirety. Empire would be the song that turned me on to one of Seattle’s best exports.

Presto– I always liked Rush a little bit, but one of my friends was big into them. When Presto came out it made me notice more of their songs. When the opportunity to go see them live came up, I even volunteered to drive us to Alpine Valley  in Wisconsin to do so.

Purple Rain– I hated Prince at first, mostly because I had an annoying friend who had to talk him up. He was one of those dudes who anything he liked had to be the best. Every friend he had was the smartest or the funniest. I think there is a term for his condition. It’s called: Asshole. Anyways, I eventually started writing poems/lyrics and noticed Prince was pretty talented.

Bullet the blue sky– I can’t really say if this song was the one that changed my mind about U2, but suddenly the switch was flipped. It was some time in the early 90s and I was back on a “classic rock kick”.

Tangerine/Thank you– I have to list both songs here. I was never a huge Led Zeppelin fan actually until I made my list last year. These two songs that were covered on their Encomium tribute album were the reason I chose them to be my fantasy football team’s signature band*, and have since became a bigger fan of the epic band. So “Thank you” Led Zeppelin and all the artists who contributed to that record.

Do you like a song or two that made you rethink your opinion of a band or singer? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below or send me a note on twitter!

*Yes I am crazy but I won money in both leagues 😉

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