Imagine: ‘Test drive’ option for mounts

When I first saw the Sky Golem, my initial thought was it was ugly. My second thought was that it looks obnoxious to fly. I was right on the first part. It is kind of hideous looking. But I was way off on the second part. I have been wrong on some other mounts in the past as well. This brings me to the subject of this Imagine. What if we had the option to ‘test drive’ a mount?


A picture or even a video of the Sky Golem can never do it justice!

This would be awesome on many levels. It would keep you from buying or making an expensive mount. It would also make you want to buy or make an expensive mount. I think a lot of people may be put off of the Sky Golem or some of the other crafted/store bought mounts. This feature would change that.

It could be a small gold sink. Say 50-100g per mount. You would get to be able to test drive the mounts for 3-5 minutes or something like that.

They could put NPCs all over the place to get people out and testing these mounts out. This would be fun and another way to get people back into the ‘world’. Racial mounts would be at the cities you could buy them at, engineer mounts could be in neutral places such as Everlook and Gadgetzan.

So what do you think? Does a ‘test drive’ feature appeal to you? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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