Why the “Broken” should be a playable race

The “Broken” or Lost Ones are the draenei who were mutated by the fel energies when the outland imploded. Some of them mutated and lost their ability to think, some did not. The draenei didn’t take any chances and lumped them all into one category and basically abandoned them. As someone who plays draenei and liked their lore, this saddens me. My hope is that one day, the broken are welcomed back by the draenei. Making them a playable race would be cool too. Here’s why:

More class: That’s right. The mutated, abandoned and left for dead broken have more class- well, more class options, okay, different class options. They have druids and warlocks. Now, there is great debate about draenei warlocks and perhaps even letting broken practice demonology might be going too far.

A different look: Some people might be put off by the objectification of the draenei, more so female than male. Of course the male looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, so that could be a problem too. One issue might be the lack of a female Broken model.

A comeback story: For the draenei, I think they need to redeem themselves. They should be more sympathetic as exiles themselves. Also it has been proven that the Broken are not contagious. I would think they would need all the allies they could find.

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