Community Blog Topic: Design a new WoW holiday

The newest installment in the Community Blog Topic asks us to design a new WoW Holiday. This is a really tough one because they all are kind of covered. I have seen the idea of a “fishing” holiday floated before. I like it, but I don’t think that would be embraced well. I have an idea, that I wouldn’t mind done for the Warcraft’s 10 year anniversary.


Dwarven District, Stormwind during “Love is in the air”.

The World of “Friendcraft”: Be kind to your fellow “man” week. What’s a title right? You basically would do things that involve interaction with other players.

The main draw: Somewhere during the holiday you will be mailed a mount. If you keep the mount, nothing happens. If you give it away a random mount will be mailed to you that is not in your inventory. Unless you get and learn a mount from someone else.

The under cards: I would also put some quests in that were based around helping out other players as well. Running a lower level party through dungeons perhaps, helping kill X mobs who are tagged by someone else. Healing and buffing players out in the “wild”. Giving another player a ride or portal to X zone. Fun stuff like that.

The main idea is to promote being more social/kind to each other and be rewarded for it. Even if you have some social anxieties, you should be able to participate on some level. You would just have to talk to 1 person to get your mount. I don’t think that is a lot to ask. Heck, you could probably just walk up to them and open the trade window- not something I would recommend but you could do it.

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