Hotspots for “Lovely Charms”

Love is in the air is here again for 2014. With that, one of the main grinds is to get “lovely charms” to make lovely charm bracelets to turn in for XP or to turn in for the Swift Lovebird mount. All excellent ideas. Here is a little guide with some key hotspots to collect charms as quickly as possible.


Most zones have the area where you go to “take care of” some Crown Chemical agents. These areas are usually pretty good because the agent spawn quickly. Depending on the level or your character, you can be overwhelmed at times though.

Dungeons and Battlegrounds are awesome areas to collect charms.

Older content: As long as the mobs are “green” (within 8 levels of your toon) you will get credit for the charms when you kill them. The faster you kill a mob, the faster you earn the charms.

Level 68-77: Best spot is outside Valgarde Keep. Alliance or Horde. Just keep tagging the Vrykul and their worgs. If you are horde, be mindful of the Alliance NPCs. You should be okay. I ground out a level on my tauren paladin there. The best part of this is, you get XP and charms but there is no loot that drops. Unless you like looting.

Level 78-87: Ice crown. The mobs are in packs of 8 and should be easily rounded up and killed. You probably will have a lot of competition though. If you are level 85-88 you could run Utgarde Keep normal and pretty much have no problem.

Level 90: Timeless Isle (if you are doing it anyway) and Tol Barad.

Just make sure you visit Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in any of the 4 faction capitals to get your Lovely Charm collectors kit.

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3 Responses to Hotspots for “Lovely Charms”

  1. hasteur says:

    Pfftttt…. Depending on how much gear you have, you can go into Heroic Throne of the Tides, Do the first boss upstairs, and then go down the left hand side of the tunnel (with the spawning corrupted elementals) and AOE them down for loads of charms. I think I ground out something like 7 Love birds worth of tokens this past year and sold them for ~14k each time

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