Community Blog Topic: How to make professions better

The latest Community Blog Topic brings up an often asked and hotly debated topic: How to make professions better? Many people say get rid of them. Others say more perks. I think everyone agrees they can/should be more fun. Now you have to define what fun is.

Transmogrification is probably one of the most successful/popular new features they have added. I think that is a good place to start. They did a good job of putting some cool patterns back into the game for Blacksmithing. Of course they made the mats ridiculous and tedious, but at least they put them in. Now all they need is to do it for the rest of the professions! No small task.

Change some of the profession mechanics. One thing that is not fun is skinning. I have stated time and again, skins should drop like cloth if you have the profession. They could even bake it into Leatherworking if they want. Another thing I would do is give every profession a “deconstruct” where you can harvest some of the core materials out of it. I would even make some of them things you could put on the Auction house or trade and other professions could turn that item into something useful. Call them scraps or whatever you want. Enchanters would be able to get those plus their normal dusts and shards.

The ability to hit a pool while fishing. I fish on all my characters. I don’t want it made more fun. The only thing I ask for is the ability to hit a pool 9 times out of 10. I think if you are at a certain level in your fishing skill you should be able to do this!

More profession quests. Darkmoon Faire has some great little quests. I would expand on those. Either making more weekly profession quests or daily ones. NPCs could send you out to do various things for them. To make it more interesting, they could award you a profession token (like JC) that you could use on some mats, patterns or skill ups. I’d make the skill ups random, say 1-3 points. I would also put in a “special” item they have you craft every now and then. It would take say, a week to make and have a chance to be “epic” quality.

I don’t have the answer for all professions, but I like to think I have some good ideas for some. I am also one of the few people that likes the diversion professions provide and don’t mind putting some time into them.

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