Should mounts take damage on PvP servers?

Was thinking about this as I was flying high over Zabra’Jin in Zangarmarsh. One of the complaints that many “meatballs” have is that flying “killed world PvP”. This causes the developers to institute more and more sanctions against flying. In Warlords we will not be able to fly until patch 6.1 at the earliest. So what if they instituted damage to mounts on PvP servers? Would this solve part of the problem?

The whole “flying killed world PvP” argument is based on the flawed premise that a person can “get away” or avoid PvP by flying. Well, if they are trying to get away, it’s not really PvP to begin with now is it? That’s an issue for another day. If they can implement damage to mounts, them being snared, stunned, rooted and ultimately disabled, would this make for more compelling gameplay? Sure they have items to dismount players. Maybe that is another route to go. But if you could damage mounts outright, would this do anything?

Another idea I had was to give players who attack NPCs a debuff that would prevent them from mounting right away. Say 60 seconds or so. Perhaps they can do this in all PvP situations. Once you are flagged, your mounts would then be vulnerable just like the character is. Would this have an impact on PvP? That is a question for fellow PvPers and possibly developers to sort out.

What do you think? Would it be a good idea? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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