Do we need to be reminded to explore?

Many things in the lovely World of Warcraft can be learned from simply going out and exploring. Since I level many alts, I am always meeting new players. The one thing I am amazed by is how many new players just don’t get out and explore. They don’t learn flightpaths, they don’t know where many places are. Most of all, they are missing out on a good portion of the fun. I think we need to put these things back in the game, even if we have to lead a horse to water!


On the rocket to the Badlands. Fuselight, Ho!

So why not make more quests that have you go out into areas and take Flightpaths? We used to have a great little quest you picked up, that had you visit different cities. You got some wine from one place, a keg from another, some Bourbon from a third place. Most people probably skipped it, but I didn’t.

I love the quest you get at level 44 to go from Eastern Plaguelands to the Badlands. You board the Goblin rocket (and amazingly don’t blow up!) and fly all the way to Fuselight. You get to see some different perspectives than you do from taking a gryphon flight. You also get XP for exploring. I think there should be more of these. Not necessarily for XP, but it kind of promotes exploring and uncovering things.

Like exploring or are you more inclined to hop from dungeon to dungeon? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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