Could user generated content bring life to dead zones?

I was reading a conversation on twitter between @MeganTC and @ErinysVictoria. Meagan was posting lovely screenshots of Gilneas. The sentiment was that other than the starting zone, the beautiful landscape is not used. I fully agree. Which brings me to the topic at hand: Could user generated content bring life to dead zones? I think so.

First of all, this user generated content would be guild specific. It would have to be hammered out whether it was just selecting generic quests from a list. If there is freedom to totally write your own dialogue, it could get pretty bad. Even at the base, there would have to be the ability to place certain NPCs into a zone and scale mobs up or down appropriately. These things are currently not in the game.

There would also have to be limits on how much you could do and how much XP it gave, if it even gave any at all, etc. I think it could open up a lot of things for guilds and especially on the Roleplaying aspect of it.

It could be interesting if at some point they made a dungeon builder type thing, where maybe you could fill a dungeon with mobs and bosses and maybe select some gear that would drop.

Perhaps even the option to invite other guilds or other players to partake in your content. Maybe not in the next expac or two, but I am guessing at some point, when ideas slow down and content looks like it will be less frequent, this could seem like a good option. I kind of like it either way.

So what do you think? Does user generated content interest you or are you too fearful of it being abused?

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One Response to Could user generated content bring life to dead zones?

  1. Arakkoa says:

    Oh, I would love such a thing, but I doubt it ever happens.

    Let me tell you, I secretly wish WoW Edit leaks out. It doesn’t even matter if no one would be able to play the content I’d make on such a leaked copy – I just want to have the power that Starcraft’s map editor has, but in a content I care about – that is, Warcraft universe. I just wish I could try my hand at quest design without making overly long Word documents or dabbling in a setting I’m only partially interested in.

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