What is your favorite Harold Ramis movie?

Tough question, I know! The sad news of actor, writer and all around good guy, Harold Ramis’ passing made me think of my favorite works of his. Most people would be surprised how many scripts he wrote and how many movies he directed. Here are some of my favorites

Ghost busters– I don’t know many people in the 30-40 year old range who haven’t seen this movie. Just a classic comedy.

Groundhog Day– I have actually never seen this movie. For whatever reason, I just never managed to. I really love Bill Murray too. I will make it a point to watch this soon.

Stripes– One of this first R rated movies I watched with my friends while their parents were working. Yep, the good old days when it wasn’t frowned upon for parents to leave their 12 year olds alone!

Caddyshack– I don’t like golf. In fact, I hate it. This movie has so much more than golf to offer. Bill Murray’s portrayal of “Carl” the wacky groundskeeper is one of my favorite characters of all time. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. I can’t stand golf, but I love this movie.

Armed and dangerous– I kind of forgot about this movie. It has Eugene Levy and John Candy in it. Worth it for those two alone. You might remember Levy from his more recent works in the American Pie franchise.

Bedazzled– With Brenden Frasier and Elizabeth Hurley, it had some very good moments. Not a great film, but worth watching for sure.

Analyze This– Stars one of my favorite comedians of all time, Billy Crystal as the shrink who has a mob boss as his client. Kind of a comedic version of the Sopranos.

National Lampoon’s Vacation– Another one of the first R rated movies I saw as a kid. This one my mom might have taken me too. If this was made today it would probably be PG-13. I can’t remember much swearing in it. Anyways, a fun film. The epic tale of a man taking his family cross country to “Wally World”, a fictional amusement park and the shenanigans that ensue. Written by John Hughes!

Have a favorite Harold Ramis movie or project you would like to add to the list? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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