Using the character menu as a tool

Since Blizzard unlocked the character menu screen so we can put our toons in any order, you can use that as a tool to remind yourself of a variety of things. Put them in certain order to indicate which characters you might want to work on, play or keep track of things like dailies.


Just ran through the Darkmoon faire, so Gungalunga goes to the bottom!

I am currently using mine to remind me which toons I have ran through the Darkmoon Faire. Silly? Maybe. But no sillier than having to log on each and every character and bring them to the fair to see if the profession weekly is available. Yes, I play that many alts (approaching 3 full servers and counting). It used to be easier because I had certain ones that needed the tickets for heirlooms, but since you can send heirlooms to any server now, that has been diminished.

You could also use this re-ordering tool to separate your characters by faction or move them up or down to signify if you ran them through dailies or chances at the loot from Timeless Isle. I’m sure there are probably a few other things you can use it for.

Do you use your character menu as a tool or just keep it nicely ordered to signify something else? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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