2014 NFL mock draft

Haven’t done one of these in a long time. Since I have this space, and I love NFL football, I figure it’s a good fit. Kind of like Reese’s peanut butter cups. Which incidentally, was the sponsor of this year’s Senior Bowl. Fitting because many of these young superstars will have played in it.

  1. Houston: Jadeveon Clowny, DE- South Carolina. Had a strong outing at the combine. Is he a risk? Slightly more than any other draft pick, for sure. His measurables though, might make it worth it. He should be in position to put up some scary numbers opposite J.J. Watt. They could get a QB in round 2 and the draft is full of fast WRs and CBs.
  2. St. Louis: Jake Mathews, OT. Has the size and strength. Has the bloodline. Rams already have one former hall of famer’s son in Chris Long.
  3. Jacksonville: Johnny Manziel, QB-Texas A&M. I think this pick could actually be traded. The owner has come out and said they would like to draft 1 and maybe 2 QBs. The Jaguars need talent and also a name/face of the franchise to bring the fans back. Not sure Teddy Bridgewater or Derek Carr would be those guys, even though they are probably better QBs.
  4. Cleveland: Teddy Bridgewater, QB- Louisville. If Manziel is really their guy, they may make a deal to move up. Hopefully Browns fans have weathered the worst of the storm. I Have my doubts though, after they got rid of first year head coach Rob Chudzinski. Good luck Cleveland!
  5. Oakland: Sammy Watkins, WR- Clemson. Adding a big time WR to their receiving corps would be a good idea. The Raiders might be players in free agency. Do they sign Michael Vick to come chuck it and be a mentor to Terrelle Pryor? Would make a lot of sense. Johnny Manziel seems like he would make a good Raider on attitude alone should he slip to this spot.
  6. Atlanta: Greg Robinson, OL- Auburn. They need lots of help on the Offensive line. Lots of help.
  7. Tampa Bay: Aaron Donald, DT- Pittsburgh. A bit of a wild card here. They could easily take one of the big speedy WRs, but Lovie Smith is a defensive guy and good at convincing his GM to take his kind of players. At least that’s how it played out in Chicago. I could also see them grabbing Khalil Mack, OLB- Buffalo. He would fit nice in 4-3 based Defensive scheme.
  8. Minnesota: Blake Bortles, QB- UCF. Hope this isn’t the way it goes. As a Bears fan, I’d rather them take Manziel or Carr or some other player. If picks 1-3 fall how I have listed them, I think Bortles will be here.
  9. Buffalo: Mike Evans, WR- Texas A&M. This guy made Manziel look good. Period. Ran a 4.5 at the combine at his height. Would be a great fit in Buffalo, especially when it gets into December.
  10. Detroit: Justin Gilbert, CB- OSU. This one comes down to flavor. The tall CB seems to be more in fashion after the Seahawks won the Superbowl. I personally am hoping they take a different CB, one with a certain connection to the state of Michigan.
  11. Tennessee: Taylor Lewan, OT- Michigan. Rumors that the Titans were not happy with Jake Locker’s durability could have them looking at a QB, but they could try something new and protect him better 😉
  12. NY Giants: Zack Martin, OT- Notre Dame. Giants need to protect Eli, who had a real hard time completing passes last season.
  13. St. Louis: Darqeze Dennard, CB- Michigan State. Could use another CB to replace the feisty Courtland Finnegan.
  14. Chicago: Dee Ford, DE- Auburn. The Bears badly need to get a pass rusher. Many feel they will trade down. I personally don’t think they can afford to, unless someone gives them a #1 or an upper #2 to move back, but not out of R1. They could easily go for their highest rated DT or a CB here as well, but I think those positions can be had in later rounds. Explosive pass rushers may not be.
  15. Pittsburgh: Clinton Dix, S- Alabama. Perhaps the best coverage Safety in the draft. Would be a nice addition to an aging Steelers Defense.
  16. Dallas: Khalil Mack, OLB- Buffalo. A lot of buzz on Mack after the combine. He could go as high as #1 if you believe Mike Mayock!
  17. Baltimore: Calvin Pryor, S- Louisville. Fast. Big hitter. Would help the Ravens out on the back end where Ed Reed used to patrol.
  18. NY Jets: Kony Ealy, DE- Could also use a WR. Jets offense was sub-abysmal at times. Yeah, sub-abysmal. I am getting creative with the English language.
  19. Miami: Joel Bitonio, Nevada- OL. Worst kept secret in the NFL: Miami needs offensive lineman after what happened last season. Still should be a couple good ones at this point.
  20. Arizona: Eric Ebron, TE- North Carolina. Depending on which QB slides down, don’t sleep on that idea. Carson Palmer is a shadow of his former self.
  21. Green Bay: Louis Nix, DT- Notre Dame. Could easily be Ra’Shede Hageman, comes down to flavor. Injuries seem to be a yearly thing in Green Bay. They do well in the draft though, so expect them to restock. DT seems like a good place to start.
  22. Philadelphia: Jason Verrett, CB- TCU. Chip Kelly has the offense running well in year one of his pro career. They could use a pass rusher as well.
  23. Kansas City: Odell Beckham, WR- LSU. The only thing missing on the offense was about 60-80 more catches for 1000 and about 10 TDs. Might not be able to do that year 1, but that would be the goal. It would open things back up for Dwayne Bowe perhaps, who really took a step back the last couple years.
  24. Cincinnati: Bradly Roby, CB- Ohio State. One thing Cincinnati does is draft well. The Bengals could also go after another pass rusher to offset losses due to injury or free agency.
  25. San Diego: Kyle Fuller, CB- Virginia Tech. If they don’t upgrade the defensive side of the ball, the Chargers could go for another WR to compliment the nifty and shifty Keenan Allen. Every teem seems to need another pass rusher, would not be surprised to see them reach out in that direction.
  26. Cleveland: David Yankey, G- Stanford. Depending on what happens in free agency, this pick could be one of the top Centers in the draft.
  27. New Orleans: Gabe Jackson, G- Mississippi State. They probably need to address the Offensive line before they look to add another WR. They have a couple young targets in Nick Toon and Kenny Stills. Drew Brees got hammered when he went up better competition, especially away from the Superdome.
  28. Carolina: Marquise Lee, WR- USC. Lee could definitely be long gone by this point, but from a fantasy football standpoint, I would love for Carolina to take him as the successor to Steve Smith. Should still have a couple good options here if Lee is taken before them.
  29. New England: Marcus Martin, C- USC. Now I am not going to try and guess which player will be savvy enough to start in New England’s intricate schemes. OL seems like a need. DL seems like a need. Your guess is as good as mine which player they land 😉 Another option is for them to trade down, especially if the depth is as good as advertized.
  30. San Fransisco: Carlos Hyde, RB- Ohio State. Frank Gore is not getting any younger. I think it is pretty amazing he has lasted this long in the NFL at a high level, given he entered with 2 major knee injuries. Would not be surprised if they traded down a few spots. RB depth should be good enough to allow them to do so.
  31. Denver: Martavis Bryant, WR- Clemson. Almost criminal that Denver would be in a position to get a high caliber WR in this spot. This year though, WR depth is higher than it’s been in recent history. This comes down to flavor again. Could easily be FSU Receiver Kelvin Benjamin or OSU WR Brandin Cooks. DL is another area they could add some depth on.
  32. Seattle: Scott Crichton, DE- Oregon State. Seattle won’t be able to keep all their talent on the D-line and will need to restock through the draft.

So there it is. Always a labor of love to sift through the NFL detritus and marvel at the possibilities and promise of new talent. I may or may not edit this depending on Free Agency. I kind of feel the post-Combine, pre-Free Agency draft is the most “honest” of the bunch. Hope your teams picks are epic, enjoy!

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