Weekly Blog Topic: What was your first encounter with the opposite faction?

Welcome to the Weekly Blog Topic. In light of the recent cuts at WoW Insider I am going to do my best and try to bring compelling topics to discuss week in and week out. I am going to hijack a post I have been working on…

Reading a comment on a previous “The Queue”, it brought up an idea into my head. Commenter Suzanne told of an early encounter she had with some Tirisfal NPCs. Brought me all the way back to my first encounters with the opposite faction and a smile to my face.

My earliest memories of dealing with the opposite faction was probably them invading Stormwind or attacking Sentinel hill. But my strongest memories are two specific incidents.

The first one would be my first opposite faction duel. I was on my twenty-something rogue questing with a buddy in Ashenvale, when along comes an orc warrior. Naturally he wanted to duel. I was quick to oblige him and we duked it out. I am happy to say I gave him a good beating (I think I just edged him, quite literally). I must have won by enough for him not to ask for another duel, because he ran off after that. Yeah, ran. Didn’t have mounts yet đŸ˜‰

The second one was also in Ashenvale. I think it was even on the same rogue, with the same buddy. We had the quest to go to Forest Song and it took us past a horde camp. Which was great. Especially when you aggro the higher level horde NPCs and they flag you. After a little running around, we managed to escape and figure out we can get by without them running out and hitting us. Luckily for us, there were no higher level players around. We made it to Forest Song without any further fisticuffs.

So what was your first dealings with the opposite faction? Were they pleasant or did they involve a quick ganking? Feel free to comment or link your own blog post in the comments below!

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One Response to Weekly Blog Topic: What was your first encounter with the opposite faction?

  1. corhi says:

    So very glad to see this theme (subject? conversation starter?) continuing. As Scott likes to say, /salute. On-topic, technically my first encounter was watching over my game-recruiter’s shoulder as he took his level 48 pally into Splintertree Post and started beating up guards. I’m not sure that counts, though, so on a more personal note it must have been the night after I outgrew Duskwood quests; I asked my guild where I should head next.

    “Oh, you need to wait for us. You don’t want to go to Stranglegank Vale on your own.”

    “Ah, I’m not worried. How bad can it be?” *two hours later* *reaches Booty Bay* “…does anyone know how many times I died?”

    *cue laughter* “Had to have been at least 40. We tried to warn you to wait…”

    And that was how I learned what a stealthed rogue sounds like.

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