How Scenarios failed and what they could have been

So, I never really got to air my feelings on how excited I was for Scenarios and how disappointed I was when I actually got to play them.


When I first read about Scenarios it seemed like they would be things you would encounter when questing (think of like a super group quest). You get a nice chunk of story, you get a chance at a rare weapon/armor. There is a quest chain in Borean Tundra where the Lich king gets involved at the end. I was thinking along those lines. Then we got Theramore’s Fall dropped on us. Had it not involved the story it did and was just a simple, do this, then do that, get loot, etc. I would have been fine with that. However, that set the tone for the pile of suck that would follow.

I think they did save a little face with Blood in the snow and a Dagger in the dark, but most of the story telling came in the pre-scenario cut scene with Lorewalker Cho. That was more of what I was expecting to see. Also, not a fan of all the gimmicky tactics. I don’t think they should be something you need to run multiple times to figure out what to do. Save that for dungeons.

Making Scenarios available while leveling would have been really cool too. I think one of the biggest failures of Mists of Pandaria was putting everything at endgame. I’m hoping Scenarios evolve for Warlords of Draenor. I’d like to see leveling scenarios and PvP scenarios. Little skirmishes for 3-5 players to duke it out and maybe have to complete a couple objectives for some honor and a chance at some loots.

Have thoughts on Scenarios or do you like them as is? Feel free to link your thoughts in the comments down below!

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One Response to How Scenarios failed and what they could have been

  1. Loco says:

    I think you are right about scenarios needing to be not only end game items.
    What I found the most offensive about scenarios is that they came in place of 5 men dungeons but were not of the same quality. They were made (IMO) mostly to quiet the Damage players who complain about queue time by removing the tank and healer parts. A healer can still play them but a tank feels inadequate due to much lower damage output (I know from experience).
    As a result we have had fewer dungeons and fewer places for newer tanks to learn their craft. Guess what – in LFR those newer tanks got totally burned alive by the “friendly atmosphere” and are now not tanking at all (bad for the game) or not tanking for PUGs (bad for the game, just not as much).

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