How to make the most of your “Free boost” to 90

With the purchase of Warlords of Draenor, you will be allowed to “boost” a character to level 90. Quite the nice bonus. In addition, if the character is level 60 prior to using the boost, their 2 professions will be leveled to 600. This feature just went live yesterday. I’m still a little miffed that they went back on their word and charged everyone for it, rolling it into a more expensive expansion price ($50) but that is another story. Let’s focus on the bonus.

What you get with the boost to 90:

  • 150g
  • 4 Embersilk bags
  • Full set of 483 gear (spec specific)
  • Both primary professions boosted to 600 (Character must be level 60)
  • First aid boosted to 600
  • Faction specific flying mount
  • Artisan flying (280% speed)
  • Northrend, Old World and Pandaria flight training

Just adding that all up, is a huge chunk of gold, over 6k not including the costs of training and leveling 2 professions to 600. I first thought using it on a level 60 toon would be kind of a waste. I’ve broadened my thinking a little since then. There are many ways to maximize this opportunity. First of all, it takes less hours of game play to hit level 60 nowadays. If you don’t want your boosted character to be your main in Warlords, you can use it as a support toon on your main server or an alt server if you play that style of game.

Level your desired class to 60. Make sure you save all your cloth as you will get first aid leveled for free with the boost. If you are going to boost your character as soon as you hit 60, make sure you drop any previous professions and learn the ones you want boosted. I can’t emphasize this enough.

I would pick two gathering professions to take from 1-60 and save all those mats for one or both of your desired professions. You could also sell off the mats and pocket that gold. I would also make a bank toon if you do not have one of those yet. If you have more than one character on the server you use your boost on, you could use that one to mail goodies to.

Once you hit 90, you are ready to partake in all the level 90 fun stuffs, including Timeless Isle where you port into upon using your boost. Here is a quick guide to all the chests on the island. You can sell all the gear or keep it and hunt for Burdens of Eternity to upgrade it to 535 ilvl. The Isle is full of rares who drop all kinds of fun stuff. There are Celestials in the Court who can be looted once a week for a chance at a nicer piece of gear.

If you don’t want to jump into endgame stuff, there are other ways to spend your time and get some gold doing it. Old raids/dungeons, dailies, completing old quests you haven’t done and Pet Battles (opening up all the tamers) are just a few of your options.

So there you have it! A few good ideas to make the most of your “free boost” to 90. Enjoy!

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