Spring is a good time for savings

Spring is generally a good time to take a look at your finances and expenses and make some changes. Whether it’s with your cell phone provider or internet provider or car insurance. The warmer weather (I say this as another winter storm romps through the midwest on it’s way to the east coast) gets us going again as we shake off winter’s cold.

Me personally, I am going to make the switch to cable internet and actually save a good bit of money in the process. It’s a deal that only goes for a year, hopefully I will have another option next year to switch again. It’s a game they make us play, but it’s usually worth it. Last spring I saved over $600 when I switched auto insurance. So it really does pay to look at what you are paying and look at what’s out there.

Then you can plan on what to do with your savings like save up for a new PC or take a trip somewhere warm next winter 😉

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