Weekly Blog Topic: In a parallel universe, which three specs would you choose?

For this week’s Weekly Blog Topic, I am yanking this idea straight from Sunday’s: The Queue on WoW Insider. Commenter Sinchy76 asked a hypothetical:

Snichy76 2 hours ago

Question for anyone & The Queue: If in some parallel universe Blizzard introduced tri-specs, and the ability to chose a spec from any other class, which 3 specs would you chose?  I would chose Renovation (from Druid), Survival (from Hunter) and Windwalker (from Monk).

So, in a parallel universe*, if Blizzard introduced tri-specs and the ability to chose 1 spec from any other class, which would you choose?

An interesting question, for sure. Now, tri-specs are one thing but being able to take any spec from another class and play it as your own. That’s probably less likely than being able to take a gnome into Orgrimmar and interact with the opposite faction players and NPCs as a “friendly”. But this wouldn’t be any fun. So take a deep breath, grab a drink, and let’s play on!

My other question would be: Do you take the spec and play with your highest level of armor (and thus play with a penalty) or would you be able to equip the armor and weapons of the desired spec? The latter is probably the easier and more logical approach. I do like the idea of having some penalty though. Maybe 10% to armor and power.

So what 3 would I take and basically make myself the most badass hero to ever walk the face of Azeroth? Frost mage, combat rogue, and discipline priest. I thought briefly about taking one spec of each of the three main roles, but If I want to tank, I’ll go play my paladin or deathknight. I can’t see mixing those specs with any other. That’s just my own reservation.

Frost mage: Is excellent for ranged DPS and solo play. It is also great for porting around the planet, which is good for collecting or archeology. It’s also good for PvP if you want to do that a little. It’s one of my 3 favorite specs in the game. So much it is hard for me to play arcane or fire, which I keep wanting to do.

Combat rogue: The “swashbuckler” spec. Probably the easiest rogue spec to play, definitely easiest for me. I wish I could play subtlety and be a badass at PvP, but I can’t. Also good for “sneaking” around and avoiding most trivial fights. Getting right to the “big bad” in a zone and taking care of him. I’d have lots of fun doing PvP while I level, but max level PvP as a combat rogue is probably too challenging for this dude.

Discipline priest: Doesn’t really go with a rogue, but that’s not what this is about. Tempted to go with a resto druid, mostly because of the mobility and different forms. As a healing spec though, I am a little overwhelmed by all the different heals. I like dotting and bubbling, so as far as healing goes, priest is probably my favorite class to heal in.

So there you go. That is my heroic trio. Now tell me about yours and the reasons behind it, and blog it up or leave your thoughts in the comments down under!

*In this parallel universe we are suspending reality! (in before, “LOL they would never do that”).

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2 Responses to Weekly Blog Topic: In a parallel universe, which three specs would you choose?

  1. Hob Meadows says:

    My favorite specs are destro warlock, blood dk, and assassin rogue, so there’s a strong impulse to just say, “Can’t I be a stealthy tank that mutilates with dual axes, throws fire, and summons demons all over the place?” Aww, yeah… that would be awesome.
    For a real answer, though, it sounds like we should stick to specs from similar armor classes. I noticed that @snitchy76 is using leather classes (well, hunters use mail at higher levels, but still); so in that vein, I’d love to add Windwalker Monk to my rogue’s spec sheet. My main in Wrath was a combat rogue, and I enjoyed it at the time, but it just doesn’t feel like a swashbuckler who stands toe to toe with enemies – the Windwalker does, though. The punching animations, the kicks and rolls and touch of death… that’s everything a combat rogue should be, but isn’t.
    Another real answer — it would be cool to see how something like a warlock spec would fit for death knights. While destro seems to have the spirit of the death knight (IMO), thematically you’d almost have to go affliction. A spellcasting death knight, infused with dark energies from the nerubian empire, would be pretty awesome: lots of plague DoTs, some pale-blue cold fire spells, probably lots of shadow bolts or something. Instead of a demon or ghoul, summon a nerubian to guard and accompany you; a skittering spider that spits poison (fel imp), a giant beetle tank (voidwalker), a nerubian watcher that slashes and hypnotizes (shivarra), or a flying thing that eats magic for some reason (observer).
    Anyway, that was fun. Windwalker spec for rogues please. Make it happen.
    Make it happen now.

    • Calidyn says:

      This is a really fun question! I’m boring, though, and would keep both of my healing specs, adding just a Resto druid spec, which is definitely the most fun healer outside of priests (plus, flight form!). Or maybe I’d get an HPally spec since it fits better thematically.

      Then again, three healing specs would make levelling painful. So I’d probably keep all three priest specs and be happy. At least until I hit 100.

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