What singer or band would you like to have dinner with?

I was driving around with a buddy yesterday when this question popped into my head. We had to set a couple parameters of course. It could be “alive or dead” but you would be having dinner with the person when they were alive and not their corpse. You laugh, but these things need to be defined, especially with certain friends. So I was thinking, it sounds easy on the surface, but it’s a really tough question.

Phil Collins is probably my favoritist artist in the universe. Ever since I was a wee lad. I loved Genesis and then his solo stuff. I loved their videos and anytime I could catch Phil on the tonight show or David Letterman, I soaked it up. Phil seems to be a genuinely funny dude too. I would imagine he would have a ton of stories too.

But there was a Tom Petty song playing when the question popped into my mind. Tom Petty is another one of my favoritist musicians. He has also been all over and seen many things. I imagine he would have a lot of stories to tell as well.

Then there is my favorite band of all time: Def Leppard. I know they have been through a lot over the years. Joe Eliott always seems engaging and interesting. Phil Collen is one of my favorite guitarists.

So it would be one of those three. I know, I didn’t really answer the question. Hey, I narrowed it down to three! What singer or band would you pick to have dinner with?

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2 Responses to What singer or band would you like to have dinner with?

  1. i have met a few singers in my time, most from underground bands, Dani Filth i met in Vienna, and Ginger from the Wildhearts in manchester, had a beer with him, for dinner though it would be Rob Zombie and his other half sheri moon, me and elisa would talk about music and horror movies….

  2. Hob Meadows says:

    Definitely Tom Petty ~ he is amazing, down-to-earth, and an incredible story teller.

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