Do you achieve?

So Sunday’s Breakfast topic got me thinking. Of course I do achievements. The fun ones, the grindy ones, the tough ones, the accidental ones. I do them pretty casually like I do almost everything in WoW. The best ones though, are the ones that leave stories behind. Those are the ones we share with our comrades over a pint of ale next to the campfire.

Like the time I was on my Deathknight in Dragonblight. I had just finished snagging Wolvar pups for the Kalu’ak. Quickly mounted up and jumped off the cliff. Wait a minute. NOOOO! I landed with a THUD! and “GOING DOWN” popped up on my screen. I got a couple “grats” in guild chat. I was silent. Mostly because in RL I was laughing my ass off. See, I meant to mount my flying mount. (I have them separated by Path of Frost).

I also like helping guildies get achievements. Whether it’s bubbling them for an easy “going down” or the former “Drunken Stupor*” or something more challenging like “Of the Nightfall”.

One of my favorites was when I decided to gather sheep for Critter Gitter, then got sheep and took them to Stormwind. It was so cool that I had to get all the guildies that were on to do it to. If you haven’t done it, you should. Great fun and you get the achievement!

So do you achieve? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments below!

*Was changed to “Almost Blind Luck” and had the “Drunken” part removed from the language in the achievement.

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