Why you should unlock all the basic cards in Hearthstone

So, after a little deliberation, I broke down and downloaded Hearthstone. I then proceeded to get my Hearthsteed. I got hooked on the game in the process. Playing for free–mind you. Completely free! Earning good amounts of gold to buy free packs of cards. I’m living la vida loca baby. This is why you should unlock all the basic cards…

First of all, you get quests every day to get 2 wins for specific types of classes. Say Hunter or Rogue, Priest or Warlock, Paladin or Mage and so forth. You might have a quest to deal 40 damage to minions, which is super easy. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


I just had to showoff my Questing Adventurer who I managed to run up to 9/21. I know it was just practice but still!

The real haul is getting 100 wins in any mode. 300g. That’s right, that’s 3 free packs of cards. This in on the way of course to unlocking all the basic cards, which you can do simply in practice mode. That’s right. Not a game. Practice. Now is the best time. That will give you another 100g. I’m glad I paid heed to the advice I got from commenter kageomi who frequents WoW Insider. Strike while the iron is hot and people are still working on their Hearthsteeds. In the process you might find that Hearthstone is a pretty fun game to play!

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3 Responses to Why you should unlock all the basic cards in Hearthstone

  1. Astalnar says:

    I would just add, that the daily quests might vary a bit more as you progress. At start, they are pretty simple. But the more you play, more “advanced” the daily quests. We could say that with your levels rising, so does the pool of the daily quests to draw from.

  2. corhi says:

    We were amused the other day when my wife’s dailies all lined up (she plays HS much more than I do). She was tasked with getting five wins on either a priest or warlock, five wins on a priest or pally, and three wins on a priest or warlock again. She looked over and commented, “I think I need to work on a priest deck.”

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