The ultimate Queen playlist

Last year I was in this Fantasy Football league where you could play a player only once per season. After week one, I was doing bad. I needed something. They needed a spark. So I started playing Led Zeppelin songs. My team did a lot better that week. So the Led Zeppelin playlist was born. I ended up finishing 2nd in the league which was really cool. This year, I am out ahead of the curve. I’m not messing around. Queen will be my band on Sundays!

No respectable Queen list should kick off without this song. I also dig that bassist John Deacon has a Chicago Blackhawks jacket on. As a Chicagoan and Blackhawks fan, I approve.

Seven seas of Rhye-Love the uptempo pace and energy of this song. Good song to wake up to in the morning.

Another one bites the dust– Great song for any competition. It’s played at many sporting events throughout the year.

Fat bottom girls– Just a great song about the important things in life!

I want it all– That’s right. All O’ dem Fantasy Football points.

Hammer to fall– One of my favoritist songs and it was in Highlander, which Queen did the soundtrack for. I can’t seem to listen to it loud enough!

Under pressure– This song reminds me of the 90s when the Bulls were at their peak. They had all their opponents “under pressure” many times!

I’m going slightly mad– This happens. Especially on Football Sundays! Hopefully not too many times.

Innuendo– Led Zeppelin feel to it. Big rock jam that is almost as if Freddie Mercury swapped places with Robert Plant for a day 🙂

One vision– Awesome song from Iron Eagle. Oh, come on. It wasn’t that bad of a movie!

Who wants to live forever– Beautiful song. It can be comforting on those rainy days when your team is just not scoring.

The show must go on– The battle cry for the underdog. The solemn soldier who continues under duress and stacked odds. This particular video is bittersweet but a grand salute to the brilliant Freddie Mercury.

I want to break free– One of my favorite song/video combinations. I remember watching this on Friday Night Videos. Pure joy!

Radio Ga Ga– One of my favorite songs. Like Freddy Mercury confesses, radio was there for me growing up as a kid too. It is probably why I have such a strong bond with music. It has fueled my poetry and when I write fiction I can’t help but think of the perfect songs that would go along with it.

A kind of magic– Football can be magic at times. It can be tragic too, but let’s not think of that, okay?

Flash– Loved the film. Saw it as a boy when it came out in the theaters. The soundtrack was great. I was happy when I watched it again many years later. It might be a little cheesy, but I think the film holds up today. The song totally rocks.

We are the champions– The “Omega” to the “Alpha” that is “We will rock you”. I used to play the hell out of this 45 record when I was a kid. It’s the song you want to hear after your favorite team plays.

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