5 reasons why Cataclysm was better than Mists

I enjoyed both expansions for the most part. For all the hate on Cataclysm, I still enjoyed it. I didn’t get into the whole “Deathwing” deal. People complained about the leveling, at least it was over quick. My only real gripe came in later with Firelands and the dailies there, which was a little foreshadowing to how dailies would rule in Mists of Pandaria. Mists had it charms though. They had a good idea for the main theme, with Operation Shieldwall. I think they took too long to get to it, lost focus on it, and locked it behind dailies, which for me is a barrier for replaying it.

  • Professions. Almost all professions were easier to collect the patterns you wanted. I’ll take orbs over motes of harmony any day. Not at all a fan of RNG/Discovery unless it works like Alchemy and you abosolutely end up with all the patterns at a reasonable point in the expansion. I pretty much gave up on Leatherworking, Tailoring and Blacksmithing after hitting 600.
  • Exploration. With Cataclysm, there was so much to explore that was changed to the old world. Exploring Pandaria was fun, but it was a totally different world. Also, by the time I was able to fly on my first toon, I didn’t really have time for it.
  • Leveling alts. As an altoholic, this was a major thing for me. I like to get a few toons leveled up then figure on which ones I want to play or gear up. Most of my alts playtime in Mists was simply logging on working on my farm for mats.
  • PvP. I wasn’t able to even get into a Tol Barad match until a few months into Cata, but that’s more on the opposite faction’s poor participation. Once I started getting in it was pretty fun. Good chunks of honor. PvP in general seemed to be in a better place. I’m not a big fan of lengthy PvP battles. The crazy health pools alone make PvP drag on. This should be remedied in Warlords with the Stat squish. Not having server specific PvP is somewhat of a mistake in my opinion. I am a little interested in the new PvP area in Warlords. It seems like it will be CRZ to keep it balanced.
  • Reputations. My main gripe here is that you couldn’t work on most of them until you hit 90. Then there was the fact that if you wanted certain patterns on alts you had to do the grind all over again to get it. Needless to say there are a bunch of patterns I don’t have. Yes, they helped it a little by putting commendations into the game but that only speeds up the process by 50% for your alts. Not very compelling. I would like to see account bound reps or account bound recipes/perks.

Despite all that, I wouldn’t want to go back. I like to keep hope for the next installment of Warcraft. I’m hoping the developers are finally less caught up on gating and making us jump through hoops and more focused on giving us compelling stuff to do.

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6 Responses to 5 reasons why Cataclysm was better than Mists

  1. Arli says:

    Not a fan of the discovery system at all – lots of useless LW recipes and it was so slow to discover them that by the time I got a few useful leather +agi pvp pieces, it was out of date. I mainly PvP’d on my pali and he got hardly any useful JC recipes either. However on my alchemist it was a breeze to learn recipes even though he too was a pvper.

    Losing server specific PvP area was a mistake in my opinion, fighting players and guilds you ‘know’ is so much more fun than faceless players and guilds whose names are cyrillic and you can’t even pronounce them. I liked Tol Barad and Wintergrasp a lot and would go most days – the joy was you could go alone and still have a great time without a guild behind you.

    Timeless Isle just became a ganking ground for groups of guilds so was hell to do solo, it got so that I’d only go on rogues because I could sneak about. In a way it was nice to gear fresh 90’s using my alt bank full of timeless gear but as I mainly pvp, I felt kinda guilty using it instead of pvp gear I’d properly earned.

    Overall, not really enjoyed MoP but keeping the faith that WoD will be more enjoyable.

  2. levelupsilon says:

    Cataclysm was an expansion anomaly, different from the BC/LK/Pandaria models of conquering a new continent. And like you mention a lot of the mechanics were different, particularly from Mists. Because of its uniqueness, you probably either liked it or hated it; hard to be indifferent to that one.

    It seemed anti-climatic to me after defeating the Lich King, and jumping the shark with Deathwing returning like he did. Mists then was like an over-steering on some features – too many quests, too many reps, too few 5-mans, like a course correction from Cata. Hopefully WoD incorporates a lot of the best of both.

    Oh, and I wasn’t too please with how Cata broke the leveling experience – 1 to 60 was fine, then you travel back in time for no apparent reason to Outland. The 1 to 80 experience is now disjointed, at best.

  3. Loco says:

    Agree with your points.
    I hate the professions discovery RNG, the fact that each alt needs to level Pandaria flightless, the “simplicity” of the rep grinds and how they gated recipes, etc.
    On the other hand I like the Tillers and Pet Battles, which are unique MoP features.
    As far as PvP the main problem is the “baked in” resilience. It caused raid gear to be better for PvP than PvP gear. Even Blizzard admitted it and then went ahead with a patch INCREASING the “baked in” resilience … Go figure.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I love pet battles. I thought and hoped I would like it. I felt like I would. It surpassed my own expectations. I wish they would throw in some more dailies to do while leveling.

  4. Brad says:

    They both sucked. For different reasons.
    WoW stopped being good back in Lich King.
    You should check out a game called Wildstar. It isn’t out yet but it is very much like what WoW once was.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I started in Jan ’09. Wrath is my favorite hands down. That being said, any time someone mentions Wildstar my blood boils a little. Something about it. Maybe that it’s just the next “big” mmo. I think the characters are really kind of “out there”. Maybe I’ll try it somewhere down the line. I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon though with anything. Music, movies, or any type of fad. I’m a little weird like that 😉

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