Why you should roll on a Role Playing server

I rolled a character a while back on Cenarion Circle to see what things are like. I was curious. I heard the Erotic Role Play stories of Moonguard and was a bit worried. Yeah, Goldshire can get crazy. I kind of avoid that. I found that it’s a lot like any other server. Although, it seems people are a little nicer.

Now I am not saying there aren’t your douchebags that you find on every server. Sure there are. But when you find nice folk, they tend to be really nice. In reality you can RP and find people who RP on any server. The thought of starting totally over is cool to me in and of itself. Giving your character some backstory and building up an identity is cool too. I kind of do that in my head on most toons.

So, if you want to try something new, I say go for it. No better time than now. If you don’t want to level, you can always use your free boost to 90. I personally would recommend rolling a level 1 and checking out the scenery before committing to a boost or transfer.

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One Response to Why you should roll on a Role Playing server

  1. Arli says:

    I’ve played RP/PvP servers almost since I started playing and they used to be wonderful places full of immersion and an amazing amount of tolerance of rp from the non-rp community. Sadly (EU at least) it ended up with only one viable rp/pvp server so most active guilds – and those hoping to survive the death of their server – moved there. For a while, all was good…then the PvPers came.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love PvP, but I love it in the sense of immersion, in knowing the enemy could be around at any time. Rp/pvp tends to involve killing and moving along (as does my guild) or rules that allow the opposition to ress and regroup for another battle but the PvP guilds just saw pretty much any rp/pvp event as free HK to the point that people roleplaying in contested zones (like Worgen guilds in Gilneas) just gave up from night after night attacks.

    So, fed up of being ganked and unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of pottering around high level zones after achievements or dailies, I moved an alt to a pure-rp server. Good grief, I’d forgotten just how pleasant the WoW community can be. People helped each other – if someone asked for help in general chat, they got helpful responses instead of “Learn to play lol”. Sure, you still get asshats but you get an awful lot less and there is something kinda cool of being able to drop into a /say conversation as you pass by. I miss the immersion of open PvP but I do tend to play on the rp server when I just want to relax and achieve a few things in the open world.

    TL;DR – Go for it, make an alt on an rp server, even if you don’t rp you’ll find the atmosphere will be generally nicer.

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